Top 10 Festivals Of Canada

1. Montreal Jazz Festival

One of the most vivacious Canadian festivals, this carnival is a paradise for Jazz lovers and musicians. This is the biggest Jazz festival in the world and also holds a Guinness Book record for it. It is a ten-day musical fiesta in the city of Montreal and hosts 20 or more stages for performers and musicians from the world over. The audience attending this Jazz fete has been recorded to be in millions. The festival holds hundreds of free jazz concerts for the locals and tourists. More than seven to eight hundred concerts are conducted within these ten days usually in June or July.

When: Montreal Jazz Festival is celebrated in the month of  June to July every year.



2. Winterlude

Winterlude is a three-week-long winter festival that usually starts in the first week of February each year. This is a carnival of ice–ice sports, ice art, and cheerful music. Ice skating at Rideau Canal Skateway is a unique experience in itself, as it is the world’s largest skate rink. Ice sculptures, various musical events, and kids’ activities are the central attraction of this festival. It is a huge tourist attraction in Canada.

When: Winterlude is celebrated in the month of  February-June to July every year.



3. Celebration Of Light

The celebration of life is fireworks and musical extravaganza which usually takes place in the period of July – August. Usually, it is a week-long festival in which the fireworks teams from three selected countries perform and compete with each other. Fireworks during the celebration are phenomenal and breathtaking. The whole celebration is usually around a special theme and the fireworks will stir your heart with their grandiosity and colors. Top rock bands have performed in this festival year on year.

When: Celebration Of Light is celebrated in the month of  July every year.



4. The Ex

The Ex is one of the artistic Canadian festivals and doesn’t celebrate anybody’s ex. No, it is a short way of referring to The Canadian National Exhibition, which is an eighteen-days-long magnificent exhibition promoting the technology, agriculture, and diversity of Canada. It is a family festival that takes place at Lake Ontario every year and culminates on Labor Day.



5. Pride Toronto

This stunning carnival is the celebration of the freedom and diversity of the LGTB community in Canada and the world. It is one of the biggest festivals in Canada in 2022 and is dedicated to and celebrated by the LGTB community in the Greater Toronto area. This festival started in 1981 as a protest over now-infamous bathhouse raids in Canada and has become an annual celebration since then.

When: Pride Toronto is celebrated in the month of June every year.



6. Folklorama

Folklorama has become a great symbol of Canada’s multi-cultured society, secularity, and the diversity of the people of Canada. Canadian people with origins and ethnicities participate to showcase their cuisines, culture, art, music, and folk dances. Not only is it an amalgam of various cultures, but it is also a symbol of Canadian solidarity.

When: Folklorma is celebrated in the month of July to Aug every year.



7. Just For Laughs

The festival features great comedians and theatre groups that participate, perform and compete with each other for maximum accolades from the audience. It is one fun and entertainment extravaganza where you won’t be able to stop your belly ache. Some of the performances from the festival are now also aired by national and international TV channels.



8. K-Days

This is an annual ten-day-long extravaganza that happens in Edmonton. This spine-tingling celebration is full of music, adventure, and great food. The festival was started in 1879 and its popularity growing year by year. The festival was earlier known as Klondike Days and has a rich cultural linkage with the city of Edmonton.

When: K-Days is celebrated in the month of July every year.



9. The Calgary Stampede

One of the most interesting festivals in Canada, The Calgary Stampede is all about the cowboy country vibes. Famed as the greatest outdoor event in the entire world, this festival takes place every year for a total of ten days in the month of July. Exhibiting the golden, old-fashioned times in the finest manner possible, the Calgary Stampede is responsible for showcasing the cultural diversity that exists in Canada. Do indulge in this festival of the Canadian Rockies and be a part of something spectacular.

When: The Calgary Stampede is celebrated in the month of July every year.



10. Canada Day Celebrations

One of the proudest festivals in Canada for the locals, Canada Day is celebrated throughout the country in a similar manner to July 4th in the United States of America. Travelers can witness the locals and the streets adorning the colors red and white throughout the day. The festival also includes an extensive amount of delicious Canadian beer and vibrant fireworks to celebrate this day in the most traditional way possible. Although this festival is celebrated nationwide, the best destination to attend this day is definitely Ottawa.

When:  Canda Day Celebrations is celebrated in the month of July every year.


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