GTE Interview Questions and Answers for Australia

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The student VISA interview is a critical stage in the path of the study abroad plan or a dream which you are looking forward to fulfilling. You should be well prepared with information and supportive documents while you go for the VISA interview.

The interviewer may ask any question, but you can go through a few of the sample questions that may help you to prepare yourself for the VISA interview.

The questions can be as follows:-                           

  • Could you please introduce yourself?
  • Your brief introduction with name and country should be answered.
  • What is the purpose of your trip?
  • The officer may be verifying the information mentioned on the VISA application form so you should tell him the reason as you are planning to pursue further studies from Australia.
  • What is your qualification?
  • One should mention the last qualification that he has and of which documents can be produced to verify. (Ex. I am an MBA graduate from ABC university)
  • Are you working or do you have any work experience?
  • Mention if you have any work experience and if no then just say a “no”.
  • Can you tell me your passport number, please?
  • Sure, My passport number is *************
  • Why did you choose Australia for our further studies?
  • Currently, Australia is the biggest Education HUB which is providing the best quality education and various options are available for local as well as international students which is giving a great platform for the students to explore and excel their careers. This country was my choice to form a strong foundation for my upcoming future
  • Have you visited Australia before?
  • You need to give an appropriate answer with the reason as it may accompany more related questions.
  • How did you find the university and why do you want to get admission to it?
  • I performed rigorous research about the university and was very convinced by the programs and courses the university is offering as they were best suitable for the field that I wish to get into. So I consulted the advisor also for this university and got more positive towards it.
  • Where is the University located?
  • As you have done so much of research the interviewer wants you to tell the location correctly.
  • Can you please tell me about the course?
  • Provide the honest information about the course that you are opting for.
  • How much does your course cost?
  • You have to mention the exact amount that has been mentioned in the admission letter or confirmation giving document which you have.
  • Where did you complete your education before applying in Australia?
  • Provide accurate and correct information about your past education and the university that you have been through.
  • Could you show me your TOEFL/IELTS results?
  • My IELTS Band Score is Reading 7, Writing 7.5, Speaking 6.5, and listening 8 bands.
  • Why have you scored so low in speaking?
  • I got a little confused and out of focus and took little time to understand and thus failed to manage the time.
  • How will you be able to finance your living and other expenses during the course?
  • Here you can present the Loan documents and support your answer for managing the living expenses.
  • What are your plans after the completing the course in Australia?
  • You have to put up a strong answer that shows that you definitely desire to return back to your home country after completing your course.
  • What will you do during your semester breaks?
  • I will give visit to my home country to meet my family and friends.
  • Who is sponsoring your finances?

Here you have to mention the name of the person who is sponsoring your finances and what is the relation that you share and the reason why that person is helping you in your finances.

  • What does your father do for a living? What is his annual income?

Here you have to mention the occupation and the income on a yearly basis. By which the annual income tax that he pays will be calculated.

  • Why should you be granted the students VISA?

Here you have to be confident enough in proving yourself a suitable candidate. ( I didn’t have any gaps in the previous curriculum and the certificates in various events also show that I am a genuine student and capable of the VISA)

  • What is your course commencement and completion date?

You have to mention the starting date of the course and the ending date of your course.

  • How can you ensure you will return back to your home country after completion of the course?

The reason for taking the VISA is to get a quality education from Australia and definitely will be serving my country by the knowledge gained from here, moreover, I have responsibilities towards my family as they are also the priorities. So I have to come back to look after them as I am the only child in the family.

  • Are you aware of the refund policy? Please Explain.
  • International students who cancel their admission to a program of study before the semester commencement will be charged the fee equivalent to a single subject fee.
  • These penalties are waived when a student cancels due to severe illness or personal problems after being investigated by the DVC.
  • If the VISA gets rejected, the full fees will be refunded after the proof of it is submitted to the admission office.
  • Do you know about OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) and why is it necessary for every student to take that?
  • Yes, it is Overseas Student Health Cover which is Insurance for the student in case they fell sick or injured during the tenure of the course.
  • What if your VISA gets rejected?
  • I will start working hard again and will make sure that I don’t repeat the same mistakes again and again apply for the VISA process.
  • How many siblings do you have? Do they live with you? What do they do?
  • Here mention the family details and appropriate details.
  • Have any of your siblings studied at this university?
  • Give an appropriate answer.
  • Why do you think the university is giving scholarships to you?
  • I applied for the scholarship and referring to my past academic records and scores they found me a suitable candidate to achieve this scholarship as it will definitely help me out in my finances.
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