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Starting a business with low investment can be a great way to test your entrepreneurial skills and explore your passion without substantial financial risk. Study Abroad consultancy is among the low-risk business in the market.

Open your study abroad consultancy without investing lot

Great opportunity for Teachers, Business persons, Retired and Youngsters

How Study Abroad Life will assist you

  • Learning Resources
    Learning through webinars and personal skype sessions for case to case
  • Income
    High referral commission of  each student
  • Marketing support
    Study Abroad Life will help with business promotions in your local area through SEO and Digital Marketing.
  • Experienced Guidance
    Regular counseling at each and every step from counselors having overseas exposure and experience in the Overseas Education Industry
  • Extensive Services
    Help at each and every stage starting from Language training, Search & Selection, Application Procedure, Admissions and Visa Process.
  • University and Application support
    Support for over 1000 Universities for application and visa process in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Europe.

Study abroad consultancy firm most suitable for

  • Teachers
  • Education Counsellors
  • Retired Persons
  • Professionals
  • Youngsters
  • Ex Military Persons
  • Anyone who willing to learn and earn


  • Low-risk business opportunity
  • High commission for referrals
  • Identity in society
  • Respectful Business
  • Value Addition Society

What and How does it operate?

A study abroad consultancy is a business that provides services to students who wish to study in foreign countries. The consultancy typically assists students with the entire study abroad process, including selecting a suitable program or university, applying for admission, obtaining visas and other necessary documents, and finding accommodation and other support services.

Study abroad consultancies typically have a team of experienced advisors who have in-depth knowledge of different study abroad destinations and can provide guidance and support to students throughout the entire process. They may also have partnerships with universities, language schools, and other educational institutions to offer a range of study abroad programs to students.

The consultancy may charge a fee for its services, which can vary depending on the level of support and services provided. Some consultancies may also offer additional services such as language courses, cultural orientation, and job placement assistance to help students adapt to the new environment and succeed in their academic pursuits.

Overall, a study abroad consultancy serves as a valuable resource for students who wish to study abroad by providing expert guidance, support, and assistance throughout the entire process.

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