Festivals In United Kingdom

1. Diwali In Leicester: Fireworks, Food, Fun And Frolic

Diwali in Leicester is the most famous religious festival in England, UK. With gorgeous fireworks, street décor, carnivals, music shows, and dance performances; Leicester celebrates Diwali in full glory for two weeks. It is the grandest and most popular religious festival in England, UK, and one of the biggest outside India. Admire the twinkling lights, enjoy the peppy songs and dances, and indulge in mouth-watering Indian delicacies.



2. Hogmanay: New Year In Scotland

In Scotland, the celebration on the last day of the year is popular as Hogmanay. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most famous festivals in the United Kingdom, where along with music concerts, games, and carnivals, Hogmanay has rejoiced following a local tradition called ‘first footing’. This celebration starts after midnight when the person enters his neighbor or friend’s house to gift him a cake, shortbread, whiskey, and cookies, wishing him good luck for the new year. Hogmanay celebration also involves fireball swinging and marching up to the top of Lomond Hills.



3. Burns Night: Remembering The Great Poet Robert Burns

Burns Night is a celebration of the life and work of famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns. This is one of the handpicked United Kingdom Festivals 2022, where the great masterpieces of this poet are remembered and matched with traditional Scottish food and drinks, on the poet’s birthday. The Burns Supper was first held in 1801 and continued for over 200 years to emphasize the tradition and culture.



4. Jorvik Viking Festival: Rejoicing The Heritage

Much famed as one of the famous festivals in England UK, Jorvik Viking Festival is a huge celebration of the Viking heritage. This festival is one of its kind in entire Europe where the locals rejoice in the arrival and conquest of England by the Viking army. From combat performances, and guided walks to competitions and feasts; this week-long celebration has everything.



5. Obby Oss: May Day Celebration

On every May Day, Padstow- a coastal town of the English county of Cornwall celebrates the Obby Oss festival. The celebration starts with a midnight song near the Golden Lion statue, followed by gala processions, parades, local dance and music, The procession comprises of the eponymous hobby horse, which is colloquially termed as Obby Oss. No discussion on the national festival of England UK is complete without mentioning this one.

Location: Padstow, Cornwall



6. Hay Festival: A Cultural Feast In the UK

There are many popular and important festivals of the UK and the Hay Festival is one of the most popular names on the list. This is the annual literature festival, held in Hay-on-Wye in Wales. Featuring live music shows, book launches, book fairs, and film screenings; Hay Festival pulls a great volume of native people and tourists, for over 10 days.

Location: Powys, Wales



7. Robin Hood Festival: An Amazing Celebration

As astounding as the name, this is a delightful week-long celebration and one of the most fun-filled United Kingdom festivals in 2022. From pony and horse rides, archery, and nature walks to dance and music shows and magic shows; Robin Hood Festival has something for every age group.

Location: Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire



8. Notting Hill Carnival: A Glorious Street Carnival

Since 1966, this is an annual music feast, that takes place on Notting Hill Street, London. Celebrated every year in August, this was the greatest UK music festival 2022 had witnessed. One can witness live performances of costume-clad Caribbean dancers, calypso, and zouk music. It will be a great experience to indulge in local and authentic Caribbean street food, that has roots in Europe and the UK.

Location: London



9. Edinburgh People’s Festival: By The People And For The People

While shortlisting famous festivals in the United Kingdom, it will be unfair to skip Edinburgh People’s Festival. Celebrated across the city, this is a cultural feast and talent hunt for local people. Other than this, Edinburgh People’s Festival also hosts marvelous exhibitions, seminars, talk shows, and book fairs.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland



10. Sidmouth Folk Festival

The vivid Sidmouth Folk Festival is a week-long festival marked by folk music, dance, and song. It is held in the blissful East Devon regency resort of Sidmouth in the UK. It is among the most famous festivals celebrated in the United Kingdom with more than 700 different events organized at the town’s venues as well as on the streets. These events usually include a wide variety like concerts, ceilidh dancing, roots parties, master classes, and even dance displays. This festival offers the best British traditions and celebrations experience.

Location: Sidmouth


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