How to apply to Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin is a public research university in Berlin, Germany. The Free University of Berlin is one of eleven elite German research universities in the German Universities Excellence Initiative.

How to apply to Freie University of Berlin

How to apply to Freie University of Berlin

Entry Requirements

Free University of Berlin Admission Requirements and How to Apply

Undergraduate Programs

Many of the programs that award the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science which is offered at Free University of Berlin consist of a core subject and either two modules, with 30 credit points required in each, or one module of 60 credit points.

Your application for such a combination bachelor’s degree program is not complete unless you have applied for both the core subject and the module(s); only then will your application be considered in the admission process.

For combination bachelor’s degree programs without restricted admission capacity, an application within the application period is required also.

Language Requirements

Some undergraduate study programs require certain language skills, which have to be proven either within the application procedure or within the enrollment at the school. For more information on this see language requirements for admission.

For Graduate Programs

If you wish to apply for the first or a higher subject-specific semester of a master’s program,you are required to submit your application to the Free University of Berlin via uni-assist.

Note; The University will only accept applications provided with the uni-assist online form! You may select a maximum of two master’s programs.

To apply for a masters program the following documents with your applicant number must be submitted to uni-assist by mail (email and fax are not accepted):

in case you file a special application, send in the completed special application sheet along with all documents supporting your special application as officially certified copies

Applicants coming from China, Mongolia, or Vietnam have to submit the original certification from an Academic Evaluation Centre in addition to the required documents.

If the certification presented does not yet include the degree for the application to a master’s program, then a so-called recertification, confirming the degree, has to be submitted for re-registration for the following semester.

Please submit the following documents to uni-assist as officially certified copies via mail;


graduation certificate

(if you have completed your studies)If you are applying for a higher subject-specific semester, this document is stringently required. with a final grade

official transcript of records with a final grade

official transcript of records for the master’s program and a current certificate of enrollment only when applying for the higher subject-specific semesters

if applicable, a current certificate of enrollment in case you are currently enrolled or have been enrolled at a German university/college after completing your first degree

official translations of all certificates if issued in any language other than German or English issued by sworn translators only or by an institution being entitled to translations for official purposes

proof of English knowledge is required for the chosen master’s program

proof of other language knowledge is required for the chosen master’s program

sufficient knowledge of German(if required for the chosen master’s program) depending on the requested study course

if applicable, additional study-related skills if this is a selection criterion for the desired master’s program (please see the specific regulation on allocation of study placements)

Programs Available for Summer/Winter -Intake with Various Courses

1) Master of Science in Information Systems (2 Years)

2) [M.Sc] Physics (2 Years)

3) [M.A] (Art History) (2 Years)

4) [B.A] (English Language and Literature (Teacher)(3 Years)

5) [B.A] (Italian Studies)(3 Years)

Tuition Fees, Payment Details for International Students:

Bank Accounts

  • For Registration Renewal:

IBAN: DE83100708480513128903, BIC: DEUTDEDB110
Reference for transfer: student id number consisting of six or seven digits.

Please only use your student id number as a reason for transfer, for example, 1234567.

  • For Enrollment:

IBAN: DE45100708480513128908, BIC: DEUTDEDB110
Reference for transfer: one to eight digits long application number plus BW following directly after the number, e.g. 134679BW

Please only use this reference as a reason for transfer.

  • For Issuing Duplicates:

IBAN: DE07100708480513128913, BIC: DEUTDEDB110
Reference for transfer: your individual ten digits long intended purpose plus name

You find your individual ten digits long intended purpose in the portal of the student administration.

When you have no longer access to the portal of the student administration, please contact the Student Records and Registration Office for your individual intended purpose.

  • For General Business Connections:

IBAN: DE67100708480513128900, BIC: DEUTDEDB110
Postbank Berlin,
IBAN: DE731001001000 22808109, BIC: PBNKDEFF

  • For External Funding Grants to Freie Universität:

IBAN: DE35100708480512158700, BIC: DEUTDEDB110

  • For Personal External Funding Grants:

IBAN: DE51100708480512158703, BIC: DEUTDEDB110

  • VAT Reg. No.

DE 811 304 768

For more details

If we can assist you in any way, please feel free to Contact Us.

Contact us on -7875433456 or 7875433666.

Thank you.


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