Guidelines for change of institutions /course in Australia

Here are the Some Updates for you from the Department of Immigration of Australia. Read Carefully what New changes Has Been done for change of institutions /course in Australia.

Here are Guidelines for change of institutions /course.

If a student have recently come to Australia on a Student Visa and are enrolled at a SVP eligible university and if he/she wants to change the course to a Vocational Education (i.e. Certificate iii or Diploma level courses) OR if the student is looking at changing the education provider to a non-streamlined institute then he/she should log on to the immigration website and read the below link carefully. The student may be risking cancellation of his/her visa.

The Student visa that he/she currently hold may be imposed Condition 8516. Which states that the student must continue to meet the eligibility including the genuine student criterion.

If the student changes his/her course to lower level Diploma or go to a non-streamlined institute then it may be at a breach of this condition and Immigration department can cancel the student visa under s.116 of the migration act.

For More information about and updates about changes courses and immigration Rules you can log on to: 

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