4 Easy Tricks to get a USA VISA

4 Easy Tricks to get a USA VISAphoto: peertransfer.com

The United States of America has been a dream destination for most; for both work and play. Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting the States at least once in their lifetime? Well, many have but a lot of them have not been successful in doing so. Mostly because people have failed to acquire their visas on time or their visa applications have been rejected for reasons that have remained unknown to them.

There are two categories of visas, one is B-1 which is for business purposes.  This is for those people who are visiting the US for trade purposes or perhaps to attend an exhibition or a conference related to their area of work. The second category which is the B-2 category is for tourists who just want to travel the States. Being one of the hottest destinations, the visas don’t come easy, here are few useful tips that might come handy when you’re planning your trip to the States:

1. Ties To Your Own Country

The US laws look at all of the non-immigrant applicants as immigrants who intend to settle there. The focus should be on convincing the concerned otherwise. There should be enough reason in you for the officer to try and view you as an individual who would want to return to his or her country. You must show grounds that you have to return to your country, ties and things that connect you back home. Your reasons to go back home should be stronger than staying in the US. In case you are a potential student, the officer who’s interviewing you may intend to ask you about the employment opportunities, relationships and family plans as well as any career plans you may foresee for yourself in your home country.

2. Converse Well In English

The language in which your interview will be conducted will be English; do not expect it to be in your native language. It is essential for you to be comfortable with the language and if not it is advisable to practice a conversation prior to your interview. Do this with someone who’s capable of conversing well in English. In case your purpose is to study English in the States, be in a position to explain why would you think of this to be a significant language in your own home country.

3. Be a Confident Speaker
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It is essential to exhibit confidence, do not take along your family or friends for the interview. The visa is needed by you and not the family, which is why the interviewer is interested in you and nobody else. It carries a negative impact if you are not able to speak for yourself and you need someone to speak on your behalf. Unless you are a minor, there is no reason for you to be accompanied by anybody for the interview.

4. Maintain A Positive Attitude

At any point through your interview absolutely do not get into any form of disagreement or argument with the consular. In case you have been denied let’s say the students visa then seek the advice of the officer to the required documents to get past the refusal. Try and get the reason why your application was rejected.

5. Be Precise

The US visa is in a lot of demand hence; the embassy receives a lot of applications every now and then, which puts them under lot of pressure to deal with all the applicants. They are required to conduct all the interviews quickly and efficiently, which makes it extremely important for the candidate to be concise with his or her answers and not start narrating stories. The impression you create in the first few minutes is of paramount importance, one must conduct themselves properly.

Written By: Jenny Corteza

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4 Easy Tricks to get a USA VISAUSA visaUSA visa Success

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