Educating Yourself in United States of America

Imagine if you knew the song “Papa kehte hain bada naam karega, Beta hamara aisa kaam karega.” How delighted would your parents be if they saw you graduate from one of India’s best universities and land a job with a major multinational corporation???

Educating Yourself in United States of America

But why has it become so vital in today’s world!!!

Getting the correct education at the right institution is critical for shaping an individual’s whole personality, since literate citizens are an asset to the country, indirectly contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

However, when we look at the numbers, we see something different. As you are surely aware, IIT is one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the world. However, getting into an IIT is a difficult task.

IIT accepts only one out of every 50 students. (In other words, just 2% of students are accepted into IITs.)
So, what about the tens of thousands of students who do not make it through IIT?

Here’s the solution!!!

They take the other route. Flying abroad for higher education is an option.

Americans’ pride and joy, the United States of America!!!! Every year, the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs receives over 25 million inquiries from people all over the world who want to study in US educational institutions because it is a country where people can literally become anything they want because the US offers world-class institutions with flexible programs.

According to data, the number of international students enrolled in US colleges and universities has increased rapidly in recent years. The number of international students has increased by 7% in recent years, with fresh enrolments increasing by 10%.
So, if you want to be a part of world-class institutions without having to worry about the money that is going out of your pocket, go for it. The United States has called you and is waiting to welcome you into its arms.

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