Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Chose a job you loveWhat would be your dream job once you have completed your education!!!!  May be you are the one who is expecting starting salary of 40,000 per month.  Most of the  individuals after  completion of education desires to work in an organisation which would   pay  them  a hefty package, working in a safe, secure and friendly environment, where they  would get  job satisfaction, where they see their  development with the organisation’s development  ultimately bringing  about a satisfaction to their  work.

Needs of an individual with regards to job play an important role in motivating the behaviour of theirs during job which is exhibited by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Needs according to Maslow’s theory is classified into five, embedded in a pyramid.

1)      Physiological needs at the lowest levels of the pyramid which includes needs that are important for the survival of an individual like food, clothing and shelter. i.e. need of money is the basic need of an individual necessary for the survival of an individual.

2)      Once the basic needs are fulfilled then comes the secondary needs and among secondary needs tops the chart is safety needs. Eg. An individual looking out for a safe working environment wanting to stabilise in his job.

3)      Then following is the need of love, belonging, need for companionship which are less but equally important need of an individual. A friendly working environment will always boost an individual to do an exceptionally good job

4)      The other two needs Esteem needs and Self-actualizing needs  having attributes like self-esteem, personal worth, social recognition, and accomplishment in which individual  considers to have a personal growth  and it’s development in the organisation , wants to have an esteemed position in the organisation and works tough to explore it’s inner potential and calibre.

Most of the individuals after passing out from a well known institute from USA and if start looking out for a job will have a desire of getting hefty salary once they are appointed into a new job or start their own business in US.

I am sure they won’t get disappointed regarding getting high salary packages in US as according to government data, the mean annual salary for America’s 55,390 surgeons is $181,850; for a fast-food cook, $15,230. The mean annual pay for all jobs is $37,440 as the economy of the United States is the largest among all the nations of the world if we compare it with other nations. Average salaries for workers range from $8 to $12 per hour (entry level) depending on the job title. The legal minimum salary is around $7 per hour in most states. The end result, however, is that the U.S. economy has become the largest on earth, with most of its citizens enjoying comparatively high living standards. This economy of USA has become strong only because of the nature of individual pursuit of self interest which ultimately helps to build society and nation as a whole.

An individual with ability to start a business and become wealthy in US is one of the hallmarks if we compare it with other nations.  Many stories of immigrants who stepped off the boat at Ellis Island, not knowing English and carrying $10 in their pocket, became rich within just a few years. Even if you fail in your business you can start all over again in US.

Money and stability are two most important virtues of any job or business.

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