Top reasons to Study in the United States of America

study in united states

Do you still remember the classic movie “Pardes” made by Subhash Ghai featuring Shahrukh Khan and Mahima Chaudhary!!!
Wondering that what “Pardes” is doing in the blog “Top reasons to study in United States of America”
Pardes’s whole story revolves around the journey of Mahima Chaudhary (Ganga). Desi Girl Ganga gets engaged and travels all the way from India to USA whereby unfortunately she was not able to adjust with westernized culture, extrovert people, the very strange life style of the foreign land etc. and how then realizes the importance of being in India, with people that she can call her own!!!
This is about year 1997 when the movie was released and during these sixteen years, time has taken a 360 degree turn. Due to globalization the world has come closer to each other and we have now started identifying ourselves with western culture very well. So, if you think you have certain ‘videshipana’ in you, United States of America (USA) is a good option to try out!!!
USA- United States of America, known for its luxurious culture, where large is treated as practical; people are like a ‘live wire’ wherein if a day had 25 hours, instead of 24 hours that not sufficient— citizens full of activity, enthusiasm and energy.
Food lovers can have a good time in USA where they can taste different cultures of food as USA is known for its diverse food culture under one roof. You may often see people moving around with Coffee Mugs in one hand and with sandwiches or burgers in another. That’s how ‘take out’ food in America is very common due to their pacy lifestyle!!!
Individuals in US possess a go getting attitude, wherein they are not behind towards sharing their viewpoint with seniors in the work place.
Briefing about American culture would not have been completed without talking about Sports!!! So Passionate are the Americans about Sports!!! The three most popular sports of America are Football, Baseball and Basketball!!!! So, if you think you are good at any of these sports, and want to try hands on it…. America!!! America!!! America!!! Calling you…
Thus, United States of America (USA) famous for its rich and diverse culture in terms of dialect, arts, music, cuisine etc is termed as the most powerful nation in the whole world known for it’s Competitive Environment, Political Correctness (takes into arms people belonging to different culture and respects their culture) and independence…
So, if you think you can adapt to the ‘US’ environment and wont get nervous as Shashi (Sridevi) in English Vinglish got before heading towards a foreign land then lets see what are the top most reasons through which you can identify yourself and immediately pack your bags and get ready to fly to US!!!

 Hello Study Abroad Life!

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