Countries where you can stay independent along with your studies

Countries where you can take dependants along with your studiesSpouse of a student who is now studying abroad can go with his/her spouse on Student Dependent Visa or Spouse Visa. In certain nations, Spouse can go along with primary candidate and in others after the student enlists an establishment abroad.

  1. Canada

Canada’s high education standards and quality controls mean that you will learn a high-quality education that will open entry ways for your future and light up your career. A Canadian degree or diploma is universally recognized. Since research is one of the key components of post-secondary education, you’ll have a plentiful chance to turn into a piece of this lively part of education. In Canada, government and industry together help research, including telecommunications, prescription, farming, computer technology, and natural science. Three months after you are admitted at a university in Canada, you can apply for a needy visa. Canada’s migration policies are not excessively exacting, as you probably are aware, and the government offers an opportunity for  people who wish to bring the family along during their studies either for a short or long term.

While a few nations award a needy visa just to lawfully marry couples, Canada permit it for common-law partners. Also, spouses or customary law partners can apply for ‘open work permit’ and study or work all day either on-campus or off-campus.

Dependent visas could be applied either from your home country or from Canada (your spouse needs to apply for a tourist visa in the last case).

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand has consistently been all-inclusive recognized for its fantastic educational standards and for training high-quality teachers just as present-day pleasantries and research facilities for its students, every one of these elements causes organizations in New Zealand to provide one of the best world-class teaching faculties.

In New Zealand, dependent visa standards are very adaptable where you can apply for one when applying for your international student visa. There are two categories of dependent visas that you can apply for: impermanent and resident.

If you are an employee having a work visa and working with a reputed firm in New Zealand, your spouse is eligible to work all day there. (The dependant ought to be in a relationship with the visa holder (worker) for a year or something like that, which enables the dependant to work full time.)


New Zealand follows a fair approach and enables visas to ‘partnerships’ which means: either a lawful marriage or a true relationship (with same or opposite sex).

A dependant youngster (19 years or below) can remain in New Zealand as long as the parent’s visa is valid. Likewise, he/she could be enlisted at an essential or secondary school in New Zealand and would be treated as a domestic student.


Australia is a popular destination for international students. With a strong economy, work benefits for some, new graduates, relaxed culture and great education framework. It’s no big surprise that students from everywhere throughout the world rush to Australia every year. Australia has a long history of being home to probably the best research institutions on Earth. Top academic projects in science fields, similar to science, geology, biology, arithmetic, and engineering can be found in many of Australia’s 43 major universities, making a study program in Australia a great addition to each worldwide student.

The Australian government grants a reliant visa under specific grounds-

  • Children below 18 years.
  • If the spouse is in a relationship global student for 1 year.

In Australia, the work privileges of a spouse rely upon which program a student pursues, for instance, if a student pursues bachelors, then the spouse can work as long as 40 hours per week and if a student pursues masters, then the spouse will be granted unlimited work rights.

  1. Singapore

Singapore’s increasing popularity as an education and business center has attracted a lot of global students. Singaporean education offers much more prominent sparkle. It is considered as a real part of the top educational goals on the planet. The nation seems to be a preferred place for Indian students as its proximity to India, which reduces the costs incurred in Singapore when contrasted with other real goals. Singapore is outpacing the rest different nations in establishing itself as the best place for higher education, research, development and helping the worldwide student to set their carrier and way towards a brighter future.

In Singapore, you can bring your spouse and child once you start working after finishing your studies, for which you have to have an Employment pass/Entrepreneur pass/S pass* and, above all, you are qualified for a dependent visa just if your annual income is SGD 5,000 every month or more.

The dependant(s) ought to apply for a Singapore ward’s pass (DP) to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). MOM will choose if a visa could be granted to the spouse/common-law partner. Applications for both S pass and DP could be submitted together from your nation of origin with the goal that you get an early response and can collect the both passes at the same time.


Likewise, MOM will pass on when to re-establish the two passes and they can be renewed simultaneously. Normally, a DP goes on for a long time, which could be expanded relying upon the work visa it is attached to. Additionally, if you have a kid, he/she can get admissions in the local or worldwide K-12 schools in Singapore without applying for a student visa.

*Only the employer of the work visa holder has rights to grant a DP to the employee spouse.

Realize a reliant’s work right in Singapore!

The holder of a DP pass is eligible to work in Singapore gave a Letter of Consent (LoC) is given to MOM. In any case, the term of the work will totally rely upon the work visa that the S pass is attached to.

If the DP pass holder needs to pursue  higher studies at any Institution in Singapore, he/she needs to apply for a student visa.

  1. US (United States)

According to the US government, just married couples are allowed a needy status. In the USA you have to display sufficient verifications of money related assets stating that you’ll have the option to help your spouse and children in the foreign land. Every university will have explicit standards that you have to check before you start applying for a needy visa.

Your spouse can apply for F2, J2 or H4 visa to achieve the dependent status. Basically – F2 implies the spouse can neither work nor study, aside from professional courses like cooking, language, writing, ceramics, and so forth – which doesn’t lead to any academic achievement or jobs. If the dependents are your children who are over 21 years, at that point you can’t bring them global visas.

For more information, you have to speak to our committed advisors who will reveal to all of you the advantages and disadvantages of taking your spouse abroad during your higher studies.

You may also need to look at other auxiliary choices like bringing your spouse a temporary visa, for example, a work visa or visitor visa. Allow me to clarify:

  • Dependants who don’t wish to remain in a long term in the USA can apply for a visa in B status. This visa ensures a short term remains and is also considered as a visitor’s visa.
  • Dependants can apply for a work visa, for example, L1 or H1-B in which case they have to get a new job in the USA before migrating.
  • Dependants who wish to study with their spouse together either at the same or different university can apply for independent student visas.

Another point to note is some US universities may request medical coverage for your spouse and children.

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  • cha li zung
    March 5, 2020 8:59 pm

    New Zealand is the worst. They don’t allow you to apply as a family when you go for studies. After the student starts studies only, they will consider spouse work or visitor visa. but in there, web site they say can go together but never happens, because they never consider as family. So after husband or wife go for studies they have to wait more than 6 months for waiting their better half. sigh

    • Hussein Saedi
      May 10, 2021 5:22 am

      hello Cha Li Zung
      do you know which countries allow wives and husbands to enter simultaneously if one of them get a University Admission? that’s very important for us because we have a 2 years old boy and at this age, he can not be far from his Mother.


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