Difference between Study Life in UK and Ireland

Should You Study In Ireland Or The UK?

Difference between Study Life in UK and Ireland


For American students looking for a study abroad experience without having to face a language barrier, and in a modern, highly developed country, both England and Ireland may appear perfect locations. The two nations have a lot of world-renowned universities and are known for their nature of education. Regardless of their geographic proximity, England and Ireland have some distinct differences in culture, way of life, and university choices that you will need to think about when choosing which nation to study in. Read on to find out about the important differences between every nation to figure out which one is your ideal study abroad destination.

Both the UK and Ireland offer excellent study programs for international students. Depending upon the particular kind, of course and experience you’re searching for, you may discover either Ireland or the UK more suitable. There are various advantages, just as differences, studying in every nation.

Your Choice: England or Ireland?

England presents some of the most assorted and wide-spread academic options, so it is an ideal area for anyone with unique interests who will most likely be unable to discover their area of study elsewhere. Studying in London will give you common experience, not only one of a single specific culture, so it’s a great place for somebody who truly needs to grow their points of view. That being said, you will completely end up acclimated with England’s own exceptional culture, particularly if you want to study in a college town or a city other than London.

Ireland is known as one of the most wonderful nations on the planet with some of the friendliest people. With its amazing characteristic scenes and dynamic history, this little European area has turned into a well-known study abroad destination, and similarly to England, you will completely discover numerous different students studying there. As a result of Ireland’s natural beauty, it’s a perfect area for students who need to spend time in the outdoors and countryside. The major cities in Ireland will, in general, be less and more sensible than those in England.

England vs. Ireland: Cities and Universities

London, England

Top Universities: London School of Economics, University of Westminster, King’s College London, University College London, Imperial College.

London includes 43 universities inside its city limits, the greater part of any European city, covering every single branch of knowledge, from math and sciences, humanities, business, and arts and design, so regardless of what you’re interested in studying, you’ll locate an academic program that suits you.

Oxford and Cambridge, England

These towns situated outside of London are home to two of the most renowned schools on the planet. Enrolling with Oxford or Cambridge are both excellent options for students interested in studying in a small university town. Cambridge is known for its wonderful campus and design.

Manchester, England

  • Top Universities: University of Manchester

Manchester is regularly seen as the “capital” of the north of England and frequently considered the “best student city”. This youthful and dynamic city is likewise known for its effect on the histories of industry and music, and for its love for soccer.

The University of Manchester is a great school for students interested in studying art and history, not just its academic programs, but also because the city is loaded with historical and cultural sites for an immersive and hands-on learning background.

Dublin, Ireland

  • Top universities: Dublin City University, Trinity College of Dublin, University College of Dublin

Dublin is a great study abroad destination for someone who wants to experience the lifestyle, diversity, and culture of a city, but prefers a more manageable city that is not as huge as London or other major European cities. A common study abroad destination, thousands of students come to study in Dublin every year because of history, music, and architecture.

Cork, Ireland

  • Top Universities: University College of Cork

Ireland’s second most crowded city, Cork, is located in the nation’s southwest district situated on the River Lee. A busy seaport, this city has no lack of worldwide arts, cafes, restaurants, markets, and boutiques. The Cork City Pub Crawl is a famous student occasion and students at Cork likewise love watching sports and going to different types of games.

Galway, Ireland

  • Top Universities: National University of Ireland in Galway

Situated on the west coast of Ireland, Galway is the third biggest city in the nation. Though it has busy midtown, Galway still holds its medieval appeal and is very pedestrian-friendly. Named the “celebration capital of Ireland,” Galway is home to numerous social occasions and celebrations that occur on all various occasions of the year.


England vs Ireland: Culture and Daily Life

Even though studying abroad in England won’t present a language barrier like studying in other European nations would, global students are frequently surprised to discover how unique British culture is then American culture. That being stated, the depth of academic choices in England, especially in London, truly doesn’t compare to anywhere else on the planet. Another lifestyle in England: curry. Although England isn’t especially known for their food, it is known for its variety of curry dishes, which you’ll discover served in restaurants and homes all through the nation. England is also known for its commitments to writing, film, and music.

Ireland: Warmth, Hospitality and Stunning Landscapes to Explore

So also in England, American students who study abroad in Ireland frequently don’t expect to discover an excessive number of cultural differences because of the similarity in languages. While Ireland may not present a remarkable assorted variety of academic options that England does, academics and student life are a tremendous piece of the Irish culture, and the nation is home to world-renowned schools with excellent academic programs, especially in English, Literature, Technology, and History. Ireland is known for its glow and hospitality, just as the friendliness of its people, which makes studying here a really delightful experience. As a result of Ireland’s heavenly scenes, this is a nation where you will need to invest some time exploring the outdoors, regardless of whether you are studying in a great city like Dublin. There will probably be opportunities through your study abroad program or universities to bring journeys into Ireland’s little, interesting towns, and green, rich fields.

England vs. Ireland: Cost of Living and Scholarships

Both England and Ireland are entirely costly study abroad goals, particularly compared to the rest of Europe.

Studying in Ireland is viewed as somewhat more reasonably priced than studying abroad at equivalent schools in England, but your study abroad costs will rely upon various components, mainly the university or third-party the program you pick, and if your home university has a direct exchange relationship with your abroad university.

The good news is there are plenty of scholarships and awards you can apply for to supplement or take care of the expense of your study abroad in either nation. Most schools in Ireland and England have their own grants you can apply for just as most outsider supplier offering programs in these nations.

Beside your program/college costs, your daily living costs in either England or Ireland will be a bit steep. Also take advantage of a student discount on transportation costs, just as student discount or now and then free entry into music and theater venues, historical centers, and other entertainment activities.


Study in England or Ireland a lot of the expense, as the nations are comparable as far as the average cost of living. Make certain to consider other important factors that recognize these nations from each other, for example, universities, explicit areas of study, culture, and lifestyle, when settling on your choice of where to study.

At last, both England and Ireland are a great study abroad goals – that is the reason they are so famous! Regardless of whether you options for a semester exploring Ireland or city-hopping on your ends of the week in England, both will be an open door for life-changing experiences. In case you can’t choose, remember that there are a few minimal effort airlines that can enable you to take the end of the week flights between Ireland and England at reasonable costs – you can really experience the best of both during your time studying abroad.

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