What is Change of Agent?

This is one of the very common terms of Abroad Education Industry. Study Abroad Business is mainly based on Agent working worldwide. Every University who provide education to overseas students has agents placed all over the world.

What is Change of Agent?Now this this Blog we will study about Change of Agents. The main role of agents for study is providing good assistance for applying to the universities. Agents are working on commission basis. They get paid from universities. When student planning to study abroad first of all he goes to his nearest Study abroad agent of University he/she is applying. That agent guide’s student’s as level best and serve students Till he/she gets offer letter. The services Includes (Exam, Counseling, Travel assistance, Finance or scholarships assistance and Packaging).

Change of agents case occur when one student apply to some university through Two agents working with same University. University gives office letter to the student’s ask for Change of Agent. Now its student’s choice to who he give preference and Reward of a service. In such cases student choose best service provider and gives the credit of his service to any one agent.

Some Cases Change of agent occur when student wants to discontinue his service for existing agent with the dealing with and want further assistance to get take from other agent of that university in which applied.

Changes of Change of agent occur when

  • Student’s relocating his place
  • Student disappointment with the services with existing agent
  • On medical ground or Distance of agents Office from his home.

Student can change agent from anytime. That’s why all agents need to be in touch with student’s and provide them good service so that student’s will not go for change of agent.

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