Fake work experience May BAN your Career FOREVER.

Fake work experience May BAN your Career FOREVER.Many students dream about studying abroad. Having work experience and a postgraduate degree is definitely beneficial while looking for a job. Some work experience in your field can boost your career options and help you to be admitted in the college of your liking. Countries like Australia, USA, Canada ask for your experience certificates while giving admissions to you. But many students submit fake certificates to the Universities.

Please make sure that you thoroughly check all your work experience related documents before forwarding them to the Universities. A slight manipulation in the Experience letter can get you a ban for 3 years in Australia which technically means  BANNED FOREVER.

Now-a-days,  DIBP i.e. Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship is physically verifying the companies where the student has claimed to be working since so and so dates.

They  keep all the files on hold till the time they get proper verification details on the work experience letters. It is better to get your visa delayed than an early rejection. So all the student’s must verify their document properly before submitting them to the universities and work experience certificates should be clearly attested and correct to the best of your knowledge.

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