What should I do if I have lost my Passport in Other Country?


What should I do if I have lost my Passport in Other Country?Loosing anything or getting anything stolen is the worst experience that any individual have. And if it is your PASSPORT that too in the foreign land, it becomes the nightmare for us. Nothing can be as disturbing as losing your passport while being in the foreign territory.

The basic precaution that we should take while travelling abroad is that we should keep the photocopies of the documents that we are carrying along with us which will help us in such panicking situations.

What things should be done while getting stuck in this kind of a difficult situation. How can we help ourselves when we have lost our such valuable document?

The necessary steps should be taken at the earliest so that nobody tries to misuse the documents.

  1. File a Police complaint at priority
  2. Contact the nearest Embassy at the earliest
  3. Apply for a temporary passport
  4. Arrange all the required documents for the further formalities in obtaining the new passport.
  5. Apply to the Consulate.
  6. Be prepared for paying the fees which can be heavy.

It is definitely a panicking  situation, but one has to keep calm and follow the procedure for obtaining the new or the temporary one.

The police and the authorities will definitely help out for getting the passport and returning back to the home country happily.

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