5 Ways to Find Student Accommodations in the UK

Becoming a student is a stressful proposition, especially when moving to a new town or location. Adding to the list of worries, finding a flat or other form of accommodations can be quite challenging. Fortunately, all the new tools available can go a long way towards reducing the anxiety of finding a place to say. Here, I will look at five ways to find accommodations and things to consider when looking for a place to stay while off to university.

Ways to Find Student Accommodations in the UK1. Consider your Options

There are an oversized kind of styles of accommodations available to students within the UK. Narrowing down, which property type you like will go a protracted way toward zeroing in on the correct place for you.

University Student Halls: University halls are often located on or quite near campus, affording minimal commutes to class and libraries. If you’re considering a University hall, remember, space is kind of limited.

Private Student Halls: While off campus and usually costlier, these halls are still dedicated to those attending the nearby universities. the additional cost can result in better amenities, and also the opportunity to blend with students from other universities could be a nice perk.

Student Houses: If you’re destined to measure off campus and like to not be during a student hall, the opposite reasonable accommodation may be a rented flat. Often, with this kind of accommodation there are many logistics to think about like roommates, utilities, and furnishings.

Ways to Find Student Accommodations in the UK2. Use Available Tools

If you choose a flat or sharing a flat is that the most suitable choice for you, there are countless apps available to assist you together with your search. Gone are the times of searching newspapers and even scrolling through many options on basic websites.

Apps just like the Urban Collective, Accommodation.co.uk and Movebubble make finding a flat way more efficient, with intuitive programming that caters to what you wish in a very flat. If you wish a roommate or two, apps like IdealFlatmate aim to confirm your future flat is occupied by people who you enjoy living with. Tools like ZipVan allow you to rearrange moving your items at cheaper rates than a regular moving service.

With of these advanced options, there’s no reason, finding an area should be so stressful.

3. ask your University

Traveling abroad for university has become an increasingly popular idea for college kids across the world. Most universities within the UK have noticed this trend and increased their inventory of campus housing options. However, it’s been impossible to stay up with the total demand.

To address this issue, many universities are offering assistance to incoming students to look for appropriate housing. Having someone local with a knowledge of the realm is invaluable to an incoming student. refer to your university to determine if they provide, this assistance to search out appropriate accommodations within the UK.

4. Plan Ahead

As mentioned earlier, ideal accommodations is slim near many universities within the UK. Getting a climb on the competition can make the difference between your perfect place and being miserable. As soon as you have got been notified of your acceptance, begin looking for accommodations immediately. Take the primary steps of contacting your university for help and downloading any apps you think that are going to be beneficial to your search as soon as possible.

5. Know Your Budget

It is important to embrace the fact that accommodations within the UK, especially in cities like London, will be quite expensive. it’s vital to make sure you recognize your budget and stick with it with resolve. Added financial stress is quite detrimental to a student trying to specialize in studies and every one the opposite things that come together with being a student at university. Use apps like Ideal Flat mate or Spare Room to search out flat mates that may help block on the costs. The final thing you would like is to possess to unexpectedly get employment or a second job to pay your bills.


Moving away to school are often the only most enjoyable and anxiety causing moment in your young lifetime. Fortunately, there are many tools, apps, and steps you’ll fancy ensure this moment is more exciting than it’s scary. I hope this list of ideas and tools helps you create the foremost of your move to college. Please remember to comment together with your ideas for fellow students and share with those that could also be averting to college soon!

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