UK vs. US degree

The UK and US degree programs are globally recognized qualifications. Students can choose the Undergraduate program, Master’s Degrees, Doctorates, or PhDs. The world’s top 200 universities are located in either US or UK. Both counties are well known for their excellent research facilities, excellent environment for learning, quality higher education, and culture that promotes academic freedom. Perhaps, there are numerous differences between university courses in UK and the US. In this article, I will try to explore the differences between the US and UK degrees.

Length of Courses and Cost:
Courses in the UK are shorter than US degree courses. Bachelor degree in the UK usually takes three years to complete compared to 4 years in the US. Postgraduate Masters courses in the US take two years to complete compared to 1 year in the UK. If students have chosen a degree course in UK it would save their time, money and additionally students can start their career earlier.
In US, tuition fees for international students are significantly higher than UK. Most private universities in the US charge a minimum of £ 20,000 and the cost of League institutions are higher. There can be higher tuition fees for courses like Medicine, Dentistry, and MBA courses in the UK.

UK vs. US degree

Teaching Pattern:
Seminars – Discussing assign topics with a tutor by small group of eight to twenty students.
Tutorial- The strength of UK degree course is a close contact between student and tutor in seminars and tutorial. One to three students discuss their work with a teacher in more informal meeting.
Continuous Assessment of students in UK – Student will be expected to produce coursework, participate in projects, seminars and exams depending on their degree course. In addition, students have to produce a final dissertation and take final exams. This would give the opportunity to the students to learn about their interested topic and to enhance their knowledge.

Academic Term:
In the United Kingdom the university might use a much different calendar. Many schools in the UK use the semester system, trisemester and quarter systems. The academic year in UK is slight longer and many schools starts in September or October and end in May or June. In US, universities began their term in late August or later. Therefore, universities that are on different calendars, such as trisemister or quarter based system may began their sessions after winter break or at the end of November.

Accommodation and Working while study:
Both UK and US universities provide accommodation facilities to the international student depending on the requirement. In United Kingdom students who are studying on a student visa are allowed to work full time during the holidays and up to 20 hours per week during term time. Students can get jobs on or off campus. In comparison there are strict restrictions for off-campus work in the US. Student can work 20 hours per week on the campus of the university at which they study.

Studying abroad could be a great adventure or a nightmare because of financial requirements. Making decision to pursue education does not come easily.

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