Top Unsafe Countries to Study Abroad

Top Unsafe Countries to Study AbroadThis article will give you information about the top Unsafe countries of the world as point of education. please do ignore below countries if you planning to study abroad.

South Africa

  • South Africa is like heaven to criminals. This country has been described as the ‘rape capital of the world’, with 118.3rapes per 100,000people. It is nominated as the most criminal offence country of the world. Not only is the high incidence of rape bad news for visitors, but there’s also an incredibly high murder rate. If you are choosing South Africa as your study abroad Destination Then its wrong place for you.


  • Brazil is good place for fun and travelling.  Because anyone who looks like tourist is a target. But Brazil has great economic gap between poor and rich. Economic growth has widened thegap between rich and poor and made crime rates soar. Street crime is very common in Brazil. So it is very difficult for students to like alone in Brazil.


  • Colombia is very famous for Kidnaping and nagging cases. A truly lawless state and also a mother land of kidnappings. There were 2,338 in 1998. Of these 138 were killed by their kidnappers. But Colombia should be a tourist paradise. So if you are planning to make your career in Colombia then its wrong place.


  • Nigeria is full of natural, beautifulplaces and has a wide variety of flora, fauna and great wild life, but form recent decades Nigeria isincrease in terrorist activities and  kidnappings, have unfortunately made the place unpopular for tourists, so this place also not good for you education.


  • Zimbabwe is famous for inflation and corruption of top level, the place is popular for nurturing high levels of crimes and violence. SoZimbabwe is also not recommended place for the students.


  • Yemen famous as a tourist destination, the place attracted good number of tourists from around the globe. Kidnapping of tourists is very common in Yemen. Country is spoiled due to the political affairs.


  • This country is affected badly due to militant groups from a long time, making it very hard for the common man to survive. Not safe for students study abroad.


  • Ever since the intrusion of the USMilitary the condition in Iraq has deteriorated drastically. Many areas of the country affected due this military camp of USA, from age of Saddam Husain this country is famous for Terrorist activity.


The popular base of Al-Qaeeda and home of global terrorism, Afghanistan has been the most popular destination for militants than normal people. Taliban is ruling this country and no other governmental power is active in this country. This is safest place for terrorist.


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