Top Ten Countries for Sports Education Abroad

Sports Education Abroad

Sports and exercise play an important role in our life as it helps us to remain fit and live longer . Academic learning and sports education are the complements of each other. They resemble the two sides of the same coin. Now-a-days the system of education makes the students to feel more stress on their mental development and completely rejects the physical activities. Sports such as football or baseball involve lots of physical activities. Sports is very important for your physical wealth.

In India many physical education schools are giving training to the sport students. in below table you can see the countries ranking with medal in Olympics. USA is among the top place.

Country Total Medals
 United States 2681
Soviet Union  1204
Germany 782
Great Britain 806
Italy 663
France 780
China 526
Sweden 627
East Germany  519
Russia 521
Norway 477

Nowadays sports is very important. In past decades only bookish education was important but now choosing sports as career option is also a good option for students.

Here are the top 10 Countries where you can choose to take Sports Education

1) United States
2) Australia
3) China
4) Japan
5) New Zealand
6) Germany
7) Great Britain
8) Italy
9) France
10) Russia

from above countries you can take better sports education.

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