Top Fake Promises Made By Leading Overseas Education Consultants

Free Services and Free Admission Packages

Free Services and Free Admission Packages

Have you already Planned Studying Abroad??? Or thinking to approach few of consultants and get a proper guidance from them. I am sure most of us who are planning to go abroad would want to know all the nitty gritty of studying abroad and approach top-notch consultants for the same. Why NOT!!! Studying abroad is not a small decision as it can surely take your career to a different level. Obviously consulting gives us confidence to further approach on things better. But also important are consultants providing us the right information and being transparent on promises they make to us. Am I not right??? But unfortunately, this always is not the case. Few Study Abroad Consultants do exist that attract the students with various promises and made up stories that later on turn to be fake.

I think you should definitely know about the promises that are usually made:

  • Free Services and Free Admission Packages: Is there anything called Free Services or Free Admission Package that even exist. I don’t think so. Yes they may give you the basic information that is required for free but definitely the after services are not at all free. Very important is to just make up your mind before approaching any consultant that each and every piece of information or guidance is not completely free and as a vigilant student you should take all the information and know about the hidden charges before going ahead with next step.
  • 100% Visa Success: There are certain guidelines which I am sure most of us would get to know, when we applying for visa. Only when we meet all the guidelines then we have visa success, otherwise not. So, promising or guaranteeing for 100 percent visa success is something very fake.                                                                                                                
  • Guaranteed Admissions in Topmost Universities: Guaranteed Admissions in top universities is possible if you strive hard to do it. Striving hard to manage good scores is important. Also important is to build a good profile. This is possible if you can participate in internationally collaborative research experience, recognized events, and other such extracurricular activities. I am sure it will do a lot good to you. Another thing that matters is people from whom you manage to get your Letters of Recommendation Yes, if these are well known in their respective field half of your work is done. So, now you understand, if you have done your part well,  top most universities will themselves take you on board. And if you not, then even top most consultants cannot do anything. Start working right now!! Don’t be late!!


  • Excellent Coaching with 100% scores: Only possible if you strive hard along with regular coaching. If you completely rely on what is taught in coaching centers and think that you can create history and there is no need to take extra efforts to learn more then sorry to say, no coaching center can help you in having great scores. For great scores and aiming top universities, start striving hard.


  • White Collar Jobs right at the start: The promise that immediately you get a great job would be a false one!! You can start working but not with great jobs right at the start. Sometimes you may need to compromise with a mediocre job. But yes, working in a local restaurant overseas could be as exciting and enriching as working in a corporation. How come!! Because it’s done overseas in an entirely new environment with a big bonus is awarded to part-time experience that offers an open door to future opportunities with a good network of people joining in and a meaningful work experience that can be proudly displayed on his or her resume after completion of the program. Also, most of the on-campus jobs would be administrative one and not too exciting but yes again you get experience, money and also your studies are not getting hampered.


So, this was the article to let you know that everything right from the start is in your hands!!! You can make a bright future for yourself and not get stranded by the fake promises and made up stories. Research and Work Hard!!! All the Best

 Hello Study Abroad Life!

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  • Rajesh Gudipati
    March 18, 2017 4:29 am

    Useful information for students. Many consultants misguide students for there heavy comission. They make promises and finally run away. Students should be aware of such stupied consultants.


  • Thanks for sharing such great article. Students must be careful about fake universities. Most consultants have fake universities in Europe. So be careful students.

  • Kartik Mishra
    March 20, 2017 12:57 am

    Wonderful Article by study abroad life. most leading consultants make fake promises and chat the students like Free services, Free ielts, Guaranteed Visa, Free Packages, Guaranteed Admissions.

    Students Must be careful about such consultants.


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