Top 10 Searched Countries for Internships

Students are usually attracted and look for one of the most important feature when they think of abroad studies!!!   Countries offering  good internship programs which ultimately helps them to earn money and gain practical knowledge.

1. England

Having a vibrant culture and a shared language, England is one of the most searched countries in terms of internships abroad.  England has all kinds of internship. Right from  internship with a corporation in London or a small business in Manchester, England  is one such country which can offer priceless internship for those looking for an easy transition.

2.  Spain

With Spanish growing rapidly as a spoken language around the world, more and more people are looking to improve their language skills while gaining valuable experience.  With  large number of internships available  in companies of  Madrid,  capital and principal financial sector of the country options in  other cities like Barcelona, Valencia and Seville with strong economic activity  is also available. Most of the internships are available in the  departments of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Sales.

3. France

Being one of the oldest world leaders and a leading global city with one of the highest GDP’s in Europe, France is a premier destination for those looking for an internship with a leading international company.

4. China

China, with one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world where Interns with Internship can also   have the opportunity to live in amazing and dynamic metropolis of Shanghai to the capital of Beijing and also learn a language spoken by one fifth of the world’s population. Thus China is a fantastic place to land for internship.

5. Canada

With one of the major factors of shared language just like in England and a country neighboring America, Americans do land up in Canada for internship opportunity. Also Canada is bestowed with beautiful natural landscape in the world and has big cities!!!! So Yes, anybody would like to have an amazing experience of practical learning with Canadian Rocky Mountains!!!

6. Germany

With strengths in fields of  engineering, economics and informational technology, Germany is a huge attraction for those brainy interns with little prior German experience. One of the leading economies in the European Union, and having an incredibly high number of English speakers puts Germany at number six.

7. Australia

Australia at number seven draws interns from all over the world with its diverse culture, modernity and it’s beautiful nature with having no language barrier. With its proximity to Asia, the Pacific and New Zealand, Australia is the perfect place for an English speaker who is looking to get to a fascinating place on the other side of the world.

8. Italy

Italy, the birthplace of Western Civilization having variations from Pasta to Pizza, from Rome to Sicily is at number eight. The perfect place for those looking for an internship while learning a beautiful language. Also it is great place for those who need a sharp distinction between work time and party time.

9. Japan

Japan on number nine is the land of the samurai, anime and innovative technology.  Japan, a right place for the people who are looking out for jobs or placement  in companies with a diverse history and a proximity to the rest of Asia or an internship with the ‘next’ big tech.

10. New Zealand

New Zealand , a beautiful country, though small not having many choices  offers some pretty and cool internship placements. New Zealand has a gorgeous countryside and a internationally supportive workplace. New Zealand is an amazing and unique place to get an internship.

Thus, considering that “learning is not confined to childhood or the classroom, but takes place throughout life and in a range of situations”  we have understood it well that Internship while studying abroad helps to gain practical exposure and boosts one’s personal skills and also gives a new perspective to move forward in the future.  Thus, undoubtedly internship is an important part of the education which plays an important role in creating a smooth transition of the labour market.

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