Things you can do during Lock down that can help you prepare for studies abroad

Things you can do during Lock down that can help you prepare for studies abroad


The worldwide spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is as of now massively affecting colleges and universities around the world.. Lockdown, Isolation, social distancing, isolate – they sound like terms from a tragic novel instead of words that have advanced into regular use.

In the event that you are in lockdown or your IELTS exam has been cancelled due to a coronavirus, I trust you are utilizing your opportunity to improve your English language and build up your IELTS Skills. These 21 days of Quarantine are sufficient for you to follow your passion.

Choose firmly upon your career interest, with the goal that you can plan to study abroad.
Thus, this is a decent time for you to get ready thoughts and vocabulary for topics to get ready for studies abroad. Regardless of whether the Corona Virus has disrupted IELTS test dates, I thought not to disturb your improvement of English and IELTS.

Corona virus is just fitting for making your stay at home – presently it’s your chance to switch things around and explore the advantages of such a circumstance!

Take a look at some of the productive time investing activities that students can do at home during 21-days lockdown.

1. Always Be Updated:  In these basic conditions, it’s important to know about all the developments occurring in the abroad education industry because of Corona Virus, for example, Travel limitations, changes in application forms for global students, recently presented courses of events for application processes, updates on intake, and so on.

2. Plan Your Intake and Enlighten Yourself with Basic Requirements: One of the most significant elements is to plan your intake wisely, particularly in these troublesome times, all thanks to the corona virus. For obvious reasons, select an intake that doesn’t conflict with any of the isolates guidelines in a particular nation. Know about all the essentials which you should satisfy when you continue with the different application systems, including documents’ submission and biometrics.

3. Get Thorough with Student Visa Process and Pre-plan All the Formalities: You are at home with the whole internet at your fingertips my suggestion would be to simply start collecting data on the student visa process with respect to the nation you would be moving to. The core of a systematic approach lies in Preplanning declare that you have all the important documents, biometrics, etc. Also, certify that you have all your requirement for filling-up application forms.

4. Get Done with Applications: This is a great time to shortlist few good universities or colleges as per your course preference and finish with applications to universities and colleges.

5. Study Ahead: It would be extremely excellent  for those students who need to study in different nations where English is their first language with a tough education speed. Along these lines,  accommodate yourself with the English language. All things considered, read, speak, listen, keep in touch with English each and every day in the form of books, online news articles,. Thus, the IELTS test is about how familiar and agreeable you are in the English language – so truly adapt yourself to the language.

6. Learn a new language: It is always good to learn the language of the place you are going to spend a few years. Having the option to freely communicate in the local language will no doubt make you ready and will help break the ice with huge numbers of them which will make an everyday presence all the more interesting. On and off, chances are that you definitely know the language of the nation you are going to, a new language will make new friends.

7. Learn a new skill: Students can take this time to learn a new set of skills that will set them up for the employment and help them improve their resume for wider acceptability. There are plenty of online courses that can help to effortlessly learn even when you are locked down

8. Last but not least –don’t treat these 21 days as a vacation, however, as an additional opportunity to perfect finish every single procedure, submission, formality, etc. Be ready to study abroad!

We at Impel Overseas Education care a lot about our students and customers. We set forward firm guidance that you should stay at home to stay safe. Prevention is always better than cure. While you’re in quarantine, you should utilize your time in accomplishing something beneficial, which is getting ready for IELTS right now! Exactly how we’re working from home, you can study from home as well!

You can connect with us via help or Call +91-8329167024 and obtain the necessary guidance.

 Hello Study Abroad Life!

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