Universities in USA and UK which had cancelled their Mid year intake due to Corona virus outbreak

COVID-19 is a once-in-a-century pandemic and it requires once-in-a-century reactions and answers to reduce casualties. They may not be the main arrangements, however, they should be truly considered by parliament on the off chance that we are to keep away from students and staff putting their own and others’ lives in danger due to the attraction  of high grades or prestigious university place. The USA is the world economic power of the 21st century and ranks top amongst all other countries in this world. The USA is considered to have good infrastructure as well as resources as well as one of the best education systems in this world. The USA provides the best and advanced quality education across the world and most of the degrees of most universities are affordable. Most American universities provide education loans and scholarships to other countries’ students and so because these students all around the world do get attracted to the USA for pursuing their education.

But who knew that one day The Economic Power also had to stoop down in front of a vicious cycle of Coronavirus that has attacked the whole world and that is why even they had to cancel summer intake programs of most of their university campuses Italy and countries which are worst affected due to Corona Virus. Being a superpower, if you think the USA lock down the country then this seems to be a rare case. Let us see what the future holds for them. As of now, the Good news is nothing in the USA is lockdown and you can apply to USA universities as early.

USA Universities that are closed for Summer Intake in Italy are as follows as we know after China,  Italy is worst affected and at the same time is also the most popular destination among students, yet due to the corona effect, the university closed down but will hold classes remotely. Some of them are as follows:

1) Villanova University
2) Gonzaga University (China and South Korea Campus)
3) Elon University
4) Fairfield University 
5) Florida International University ( Italy, South Korea, Singapore, and Japan Campus)
6) New York University
7) Syracuse University
8) University of Tennessee (China and South Korea Campus)

Now coming to the UK Department of Education, there were four alternatives in front of them

1. Keep up business as usual: convince themselves that the present national panic is hyperbolic and that typical pre-COVID-19 life will go away soon, so there is no basis to change examination plans. Science discloses to us that this position is inconceivably defective.

2. Postpone examinations: This arrangement, possibly works and on and off, chances are that we really accept that the country will have risen up out of the coronavirus emergency by June. We need an entire month and a half to execute the examination plan. A postponement of  public examinations would be declared now for it to have any kind of effect.

3. Utilize past outcomes to set up students’ presentations and make grants. We can’t do this decently. The modular exam is a thing of the past.

4. Cancel the exams, repeat the season, repeat the year: Cancellation is the most reasonable and compassionate alternative. It will go far to guaranteeing the achievement of the “delay” period of the administration’s methodology. It could save countless lives since it will guarantee great decision-making, and great decision-making by people is key to how we deal with this emergency. We are depending on each other to make the correct calls. That is the manner by which we can help make the postpone stage effectively, how we can flatten the peak and push it into the summer when the NHS will be under less strain. We risk staff staying away from self-isolation since they feel under pressure to teach their examination classes.

Imagine the scene if examinations somehow managed to continue as typical. Would tainted students show up to sit the examinations that they have arranged so hard for? Would infected observer  oversee them? Would all students be required to have their temperature checked before entering the test corridor, or would they essentially be permitted to cross-infect their companions? It’s a given that the most defenseless in our communities will be hardest hit by the present emergency: youngsters who live in temporary or overcrowded homes where self-isolation is a difficulty. Coronavirus won’t be confined to the individuals who are socially impeded, however, it is probably going to influence them more harshly.

British universities face a black opening of a huge number of pounds in education costs from the effect of coronavirus as universal students from China and other severely influenced nations are compelled to cancel or postpone enrollments.

In excess of 90,000 new students from China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and other influenced nations had been relied upon to show up on British campuses in mid year intake. In that situation, the UK economy would likewise remain to lose a huge number of pounds in lost revenue  spending by international students on accommodation, travel, entertainment, and everyday costs.
Since the outbreak started, the British Council has shut down IELTS  testing in China and a few different nations. Other test suppliers have additionally closed, while governments have shut schools and universities.

Other than that, Universities in the UK that have canceled their mid-year intake due to coronavirus outbreak are as follows:

1) University of Salford
2) University of Bolton
3) University of East London
4) University of Sunderland

The students who have paid shall be deferred to September intake instead of May intake and students who have been issued CAS already have been requested not to apply for Visa and other students and all over the country students are given video lessons so that they do not miss on a year and we can still succeed and come out successfully out of this vicious cycle of Corona Virus.


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