Study at 8 Universities from Istanbul to Beijing

What is The Study Road?

If you find studies boring and difficult, there are ways to change your mind!!!  Do you want to make your studies and adventure go hand in hand!!! Imagine you are on  bike, pedaling towards your next destination, your mind empty and your blood pumping and at the same time you are  following a lecture at a foreign university, introducing yourself to local students, sharing your story and exchanging experiences.

Studying can be made more interesting  and  even fun!!!

The Study Road is the premiere way to feed international and inspirational leadership careers at an unbelievably quick 100 km per day pace. Through this altogether different program students and young professionals will join each other and pull each other through this unique life learning experience.

The Study Road  challenges the status quo of education by making it fun, adventurous and interactive so that both local and international cycling students exchange  knowledge, culture, ideas and experience by enriching their mind and physique.

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Study at 8 Universities from Istanbul to Beijing

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