Study at 8 Universities from Istanbul to Beijing

What is The Study Road?

There are ways to change your mind if you find academics dull and challenging!!! Do you wish to combine your academics and your passion for an adventure??? Imagine you’re riding your bike to your next location, your head clear and your heart racing, while also attending a lecture at a foreign university, introducing yourself to local students, telling your tale, and exchanging experiences.
Studying may be made more engaging and even enjoyable!!!

The Study Road is the most efficient approach to feed international and inspirational leadership careers, covering 100 kilometers every day. Students and young professionals will join together and pull each other through this unique life learning experience through this unique curriculum.

The Study Road upends the status quo of education by making it exciting, adventurous, and engaging, allowing local and international cycling students to share their knowledge, culture, ideas, and experiences while also strengthening their minds and bodies.

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Watch a short movie for better details!!!

Watch a short movie for better details!!!


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Study at 8 Universities from Istanbul to Beijing

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