Questions to ask while consulting to Study Abroad Agency

 Questions to ask at the planning stage

  • When should I start planning to apply to universities abroad?
  • How do I decide on a country to study?
  • What kind of colleges and universities can I apply through the counselor?
  • What qualifications are required to study abroad?
  • What type of candidates are universities abroad, looking for?
  • What types of challenges should I be ready to face?

Questions to ask about the application process

  • What documents do I need to study abroad?
  • What type of tests should I take to study abroad?
  • What’s the importance of SOP and LOR?
  • Which’s the best intake to study abroad?
  • What’s the reputation of the university?
  • What type of accommodation can I look for?
  • Can you put me in touch with some of the students who have already been cancelled and sent abroad?

Questions of cost and expenses

  • Can studying abroad is expensive?
  • How much should I save to study abroad?
  • What’s the cheapest way to study abroad?
  • How should I manage my finances?

  ‘What next?’ queries

  • What should   I do next after sending over the applications?
  • What if I get rejected?
  • Will I get a job  when finishing my studies?

Questions to rise at the look stage

You have many types  of queries before you choose on your destination and university. Clearly, you would possibly not have a lot of clarity on the entire method. Here are  some queries that you just will raise your overseas education authority regarding wheelwork up for finding out abroad.

When should  I begin reaching to apply to universities abroad?

If you want to study in the next fall at a university or college abroad, then it’s always advisable that you start planning one year in advance. Though there are institutes that have rolling admissions on offer, it’s better to plan well ahead of any deadlines. Starting early will help you manage your finances, organize your time better and also prepare for the standardized tests.

Make sure when you speak to a counselor and ask about the application deadlines of different institutes abroad so that you can make your plans more easily.

How do I decide on a country to study?

You may have a dream to check in Australia, however, whereas assessing your profile the counselor may feel you’re additional suited to check in any of the equal countries.

There is no ideal country in and of itself for you to check, that additionally implies that your educational needs and monetary circumstances may open up different opportunities that you just won’t have considered.

Say, you’re searching for engineering courses with analysis add the United Kingdom. However, after you explore all choices, you discover that the course is dear, which there aren’t abundant job opportunities within the country once your studies. A similar course might have higher opportunities in North American nation or USA. Speech study abroad consultants can assist you build aware selections.

What types  of colleges  and universities am I able to apply through the counselor?

There are many univerisites-collgeges  around the world  that you simply will apply to, for the topic of your alternative. The numbers of colleges  and universities you’ll be able to apply to depends on that course you’re searching for, and what prospect it holds. To understand what quite schools or universities can fit your educational profile, you need to transfer prospectuses from multiple universities and browse through them. Prospectus holds careful data concerning teachers and student life in a very country abroad.

What qualifications are required to study abroad?

The minimum qualification needed to review at universities abroad is clearing the twelfth grade. Establishments can have tutorial necessities. Before you create the appliance, you’ll ask our councillors to ascertain if you meet the necessities. Touchstone matters for learning abroad. Students with touchstone travel between a pair of.5 and four will apply at bound establishments, whereas some others could need higher scores.

Other necessities embody writing a good essay, holding a piece expertise (varies from program to program and obtaining through the code visa interview.

What type of colleges – universities, students looking for?

Students generally go for programs like master’s, in business administration and Engirinng.  The universities which offer scholarships and internships are most preferred in students’ section. Students look for low fees and universities should be among the major cities.

What types of challenges should I be ready to face?

Students going abroad may realize it’s tough to regulate to new surroundings. Initially, nearly everybody struggles to urge familiar with the new setting, however with time it gets easier.

Some students may take into account the subsequent struggles: disorientation, loneliness and nostalgia. Some students may say these aren’t struggles as a result of this is all a part of growing up.

Applying to universities abroad isn’t with regards to filling a type and submitting it at the side of your higher secondary results. You wish to urge a plan regarding the opposite necessary documents to be submitted, the exams you wish to clear and therefore the essays you have got to jot down. Here square measure a number of the queries you’ll raise your study abroad authority to own higher clarity on this facet.

Questions to raise your counselor concerning the applying method

Applying to universities abroad isn’t almost filling a type and submitting it together with your higher secondary results. You would like to urge a thought concerning the opposite necessary documents to be submitted, the exams you would like to clear and therefore the essays you have got to put in writing. Here square measure a number of the queries you’ll raise your study abroad consultant to possess higher clarity on this facet.

What documents do I would like to check abroad?

When you speak to your counselors, you should ask what documents needed for you to use at your chosen university or school abroad. If you’ll get all vital documents prepared well before time, it’ll fasten your admissions method and conjointly forestall any unpunctual hassles.

Usually, documents that commonly required for students embody transcripts, recommendation letters, essays, monetary documents and visa application forms.

Which’s the best intake to review abroad?

The admission time isn’t common across all schools because it is in India. Also, intakes would possibly happen double during a year. Before submitting the applying, you must understand the intake periods so you’ll let the counselor grasp your preference. Some universities associated schools might need a lot of courses out there for the autumn intake, whereas some might need an equal range of courses out there for each fall and spring intake. Though’ there’s no such factor known as ‘best’ intake, you’ll invariably speak to the counselor and make a case for what your priorities square measure and likes.

What’s the reputation  of the university?

Have you checked the rankings of the university or faculty you’ve got applied at? Rankings do bear on several students. It’ll facilitate choose from establishments. Once trying up for additional info on a university web site or prospectus, you’ll be able to check for the tutorial rankings command your chosen college-university . You can also research about the ranking in Q.S world Ranking table.

What types  of tests should  to I take to  study abroad?

There are two types of tests that you have to appear for, when looking to study abroad – language tests and standardized tests. Some universities might ask for IELTS scores, whereas others might ask for both IELTS and TOEFL scores. The GRE is a basic eligibility for admissions at some universities, while at some others, the GRE is not a mandate.

What’s the importance of SOP and LOR?

A statement of purpose (SOP) reflects your purpose of obtaining a degree abroad and your childhood  to elucidate why you wish to check during a foreign country. Associate SOP is fastidiously studied by most university admission groups since it is an entry to knowing your temperament. Hence, it’s quite necessary, you write your SOP within the best means doable. The admissions team can measure you supported, however you showcase yourself in your writing.

Similarly, a letter of advice (LOR) is very necessary once applying to check abroad as a result of bound universities would like some other person to validate your tutorial deserves and skilled skills, that helps them in 2 ways: determines real students with a powerful passion towards teachers or analysis and choose well-deserved candidates.

Which’s the best intake to study abroad?

Every university abroad includes a team to support its international students. You’ll be able to write to them and check for appropriate keep choices, either on or off-campus. Besides these, there is a unit many housing and living accommodation choices on the market for you to search out accommodation in. Students will value more highly to keep residence halls and dorms or stick with a family at a homestay-type accommodation.

Can you put me in touch with some of the students who have already been cancelled and sent abroad?

No matter, but reassuring the method is, you’d wish to talk to students WHO had already created it abroad and study their expertise. Our counselors will place you in reality with Indian students WHO have earlier studied abroad or are a unit additional ahead within the study abroad journey. If connecting with those students can assist you gain a much better perspective regarding education abroad, than plow ahead and raise this question to your study abroad authority.

Questions for your study abroad advisor about cost and expenses

Can studying abroad is expensive?

Studying abroad is expensive  if you’re trying to find a destination that doesn’t suit your budget. However, finding out abroad may be reasonable if planned well. If you apply for scholarships or education loans at the proper time, you’ll be able to save yourself from the monetary burden of finding out abroad.

How much should   I save to study abroad?

The minimum budget needed for finding out abroad can vary from destination to destination. Once you set up your tuition and living value, you want to additionally embody extra prices, which will assist you subsume emergencies throughout your keep abroad.

The current rate everywhere the globe is too.99%; you’ll be able to set up your savings and expenses keeping this in mind.

What’s the cheapest way to study abroad?

To make your education overseas reasonable, you need to notice ways that to sponsor or fund your education. A number of the choices obtainable is: university scholarships, government scholarships, grants, fellowships, education loan and part-time work choices.

How should  I manage my finances?

There is no assemblage to show you ways to manage your finances well. You ultimately learn the way to! You’ll avail scholarships and fellowships to manage your tuition and living prices.

Besides, will |you’ll be able to create a list of belongings you actually need and belongings you can do away with. As an example, whereas, creating a selection between shopping for your groceries and going out on a weekend trip together with your friends, that one would you place (considering you’ve got less budget)?

What should   I do next  after sending over the applications?

We won’t raise you to relax! You’ll be able to keep following up along with your counselor until you get a response from the university admissions team. However, if you have got received a notification asking you to attend until the admissions team confirms you a suggestion, then you want to wait. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to use the time in hand and do some a lot of work – reading concerning the accommodation choices, student life, cultural and social life, on-campus work opportunities and a lot of.

What if I get rejected?

Facing a rejection shouldn’t cause you to feel dispirited. If you get rejected by the university that you just have chosen for your studies, you’ll be able to apply to another university, that offers programs that square measure an in depth match to your selections. Who knows which may prove to be the most effective one for you?

Will I get employment when finishing my studies?

What happens when your studies depend upon what you are doing throughout your studies? If you begin networking early with potential employers outside the field or if you intern somewhere to realize additional skills, it would assist you to find employment simply.

This isn’t a comprehensive list – we have a tendency to simply pick some queries that students ought to raise a study abroad counselor. Allow us to understand if you have got a lot of. You’ll be able to speak to a counselor and directly raise your queries and clear your doubts.





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