A Girl Who wants To Study Abroad

Being a girl who dreams to study abroad, the fear of getting stuck in a college that does not value your interests can be quite haunting. Spending money on your visa to get international studies in an unknown country can be risky, especially, if you don’t know about the college. To avoid such troubles before stepping out you must do thorough research on the best colleges out there.
Do you wish to study in a college that supports each child’s interests and empowers girls with their high standard studies for a brighter future? If yes? Then Toorak College Mount Eliza is the right spot for your studies abroad. They not only welcome you with various scholarship programs but are also devoid of gender-based limitations.

Girl Who wants To Study Abroad

What  Is It The Best Option For You?

Toorak College is ranked as the number one school on the Mornington Peninsula. This college is determined in its motto to empower girls through academic and personal growth, enabling them to succeed in their future. Toorak college provides co-education studies till the fourth standard and from the fifth standard, they take a girls-only approach.

Their quality coaching, small class sizes, and unmatched resources are remarkable. Their vision to make girls empower and strong by making them polish their skills in whatever field they wish to be revolutionary. They provide a nurturing and supportive environment for overseas students, so they can grow soundly to fulfill their dreams.
Each year they welcome several international students.

Facilities For Overseas Students


There are multiple scholarship programs for overseas students. The scholarship might be based on academic distinctions, overall performance, or on the account of students’ interests in science and technology. Thereby, not restricting your chance to study free.
Language and Cultural Barriers

The language barrier issue is resolved here with the help of the on-campus English Language support center. This center ensures a smooth transition for our international students. Cultural differences and riots on this basis are not entertained here. Overseas students are encouraged to maintain their cultural integrity while coping with the foreign education system.
Inclusive Environment.

The Toorak College works on the principles of democracy and freedom. They follow the democratic norms of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and association. Moreover, they value tolerance and acceptance of differences. Their boarding system comprises care and guidance for both local and international students. They will support you in all ways to allow you to study without any insecurity or pressure. Therefore, providing you with an inclusive environment.

Safety tips for girls studying abroad

Blend in with the locals

Never, EVER walk alone at night

Protect your belongings

Keep your drink safe

Know the local laws

Toorak College is committed to a child-safety and child-friendly environment. They follow a zero-tolerance approach towards child abuse. Hence, empowers children to freely express their views on any issue in line with the school policies and procedures. Moreover, they promise to provide physical, emotional, and cultural safety for all children. Thereby, leaving no insecurity behind.

In a nutshell, if you are a girl who dreams to study abroad then Toorak College should be your first priority, especially, on the basis of their vision to empower girls to lead and prosper.

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