New Zealand’s Options in Food

1. Crayfish and seafood

The New Zealand crayfish are similar to lobster, but they are clawless and have one less pair of legs. Preferring rocky areas and deep sea beds, crayfish are found in coastal areas of New Zealand and are especially abundant in Kaikōura.


2. New Zealand lamb

Succulent and tender, roast lamb is a favorite for Kiwis.  Best enjoyed flavored with rosemary and served alongside plenty of seasonal roasted vegetables, roast lamb is a meal that is sure to impress. You’ll find it featured on the menus of our best restaurants nationwide.


3. Fish and chips

Best enjoyed while sitting by the beach on a balmy summer evening,  Consisting of fresh fish, coated in a crispy batter and then deeply fried, along with a generous serving of hot chips. You can find fish and chips in almost every town in New Zealand. This takeaway meal is usually accompanied by fresh white bread and tomato sauce. You’ll find fish and chips on most restaurant menus too, usually served with seasonal salad.


4. Kiwi summer BBQ

Call it a ‘barbie’, barbeque, barbecue, or BBQ – the act of cooking outside is an essential part of Kiwi culture. Lamb, beef, sausages, and poultry are usually barbecued at home in the backyard during the summer months. Potato salad, garlic bread, and fresh vegetable salads are also prepared. Then, family and friends come together to enjoy the meal together outside on the deck.


New Zealand Summer Barbeque

5. New Zealand pavlova and fruit salad

Kiwis are passionate about good ice cream (creamy vanilla ice cream with tiny balls of crunchy honeycomb).  New Zealanders also love pavlova. A meringue-based dessert that’s topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit, pavlova is a permanent fixture at the Christmas table. For something a bit healthier, try some New Zealand stone fruit or a fruit salad featuring delicious  kiwifruit, feijoas, and passionfruit


6. New Zealand lollies, chocolate, and sweet treats

Ask any New Zealander what their favorite chocolate is and the answer will likely be,  Whittaker’s peanut slabs, creamy caramel, and jelly tip chocolate are just some favorites, keep an eye out for new creations! Individually wrapped, the  Cookies time cookies is a range of different-sized biscuits with flavors such as triple chocolate, gingernut and macadamia, and white chocolate. Pineapple Lumps and Jaffa’s are other favorite New Zealand lollies (sweets or candy).

7. Humble New Zealand pies

Traditionally, the only available pie flavor would have been mince. Today, pie flavors in New Zealand are only limited by the imagination of the baker. Always encrusted in a buttery flaky pastry and often served in a brown paper bag, it’s easy to find a good pie in New Zealand. Be sure to try ‘hāngī’ in a pie’ or a creamed pāua pie  Bacon and egg, steak and cheese and potato-top pies are Kiwi classics. However, salmon and bacon, butter chicken, bacon and egg, lamb and mint and venison pies are award-winners at the  annual New Zealand pie awards

8. Artisan cheese

New Zealand has several world-class cheese companies, and we have our striving dairy industry to thank. But, it’s not just cows milk used to make artisan cheese. Sheep and goat milk cheeses are also common.   and  Puhoi Valley is a New Zealand-made favorite. There are many boutique cheese companies in New Zealand. Relax with cheese tastings at The Cheese Barn  and the  Gibbston Valley™ Cheesery & Deli

9. Hāngī

Let’s start with the traditional Māori hāngī! More than just New Zealand cuisine, hāngī is Māori cuisine at its finest. This involves meat and vegetables slow-cooked in an underground oven. Although it was a common cooking method for hundreds of years in New Zealand, today, a hāngī is saved for more special occasions (mainly because it takes all day to prepare!) Prepare to be overfed but extremely satisfied at hāngī buffets served at  Maori cultural experiences.

10.  Jaffas

Another New Zealand famous food is Jaffas! Jaffas are a confectionery favorite among New Zealanders. Jaffas are small sugar-coated chocolate balls with a subtle orange flavor. You can pick up Jaffas at any  supermarket or dairy

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