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Today, Indians have gone across the globe to study in the fields of their choice. They form the second largest body of international students. In recent years, the number of Indian students pursuing education in New Zealand has increased drastically. If statistics are to be believed, there is about 60% increase in the number of Indian students in India.

One factor for this increase may be the fact that while the world economy crumbled under the reign of recession, the economy of this land has still remained free from its effects. New Zealand boosts of universities which are among top 100 in the world ranking. And the population of New Zealand is mere 4.5 million as compared to 64 million in the UK, with the same land size at that of New Zealand.

Hence this country holds a promising career for the students as this land is in need of more skilled hands. So studying in New Zealand is a win-win situation for the students as they get to study amongst the top world-ranked universities and then get a job in New Zealand thereby increasing their career prospectus. Also New Zealand is a beautiful country with diverse communities and high quality life and hence, it has succeeded in attracting many Indian students.

Now that we have established why New Zealand holds such attraction for students, let’s consider the work opportunities in New Zealand after education.

For being eligible to work in New Zealand after education, you will need a visa. Now there are two types of visas that you can have: Post study-work visa (open) and Post study-work visa (employer assisted).

Post study-work visa (open)

If you have completed your education and are searching for a job in your field, you can opt for this visa (for the duration of 12 months) and then can work in any field to support yourself. You are eligible for this visa if:
• You have successfully completed your education.
• Have a minimum amount of NZ $4,200 to support yourself during your stay and must provide evidence.
• You must apply for the visa within 3 months (6 for doctoral qualification) after the end of your student visa.

Post study-work visa (employer-assisted)

If you have an offer of employment then you can apply for this visa for a period of two years (three years if you are in the process of getting membership of a professional association in New Zealand, for which it is necessary to have 2 years of practical experience)
You are eligible for this visa if:
• You can provide proof of your employment offer.
• You have successfully completed your education.

What to do after your work visa expires?

Before your work visa has expired, you need to apply for another visa, the application process of which remains the same as your first visa.

Continuing job after expiration of your current employee-assisted visa

To continue working in New Zealand after expiration of your employee-assisted visa, you may apply for a resident visa, under Skilled Migrant Category. To get maximum benefit under this scheme, you must ensure that your skill falls under skill shortage category as published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment of New Zealand. It has published three lists as follows:
• Long term skill shortage list
• Immediate skill shortage list
• Canterbury skill shortage list

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  • I want to study master’s in forensic science in New Zealand. I need scholarship or a part-time job to fund my studies. Should I apply for Study Visa or Study Work Visa


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