Naturopathy Career Option. Being a Naturopath.

The study options for becoming a Naturopath in Australia are flexible, with online study, part-time and full time choices available to students.  The course is open to mature age students and you should contact the university to ascertain the course admission pre-requisites for that institution.

Naturopathy Career Option. Being a Naturopath.

In Australia the length of the course is 4 years and it can be done full time or part-time. Naturopathy relies on the principles of natural therapies to support and heal the body. 

The aim of a naturopath is to identify the root cause of the illness or disease and treat the problem.  Unlike western medicine whereby the symptoms are treated, the naturopath reaches past the symptoms to find the cause.

Their aim is to treat the patient with manual therapies, herbal medicine, diet, nutrition, flower essences and homeopathy.  They may counsel in lifestyle habits.  These days (in Australia) more and more people are turning to natural healing and naturopaths are gaining more credibility and acceptance.

Students studying naturopathy must complete and competently pass a variety of subjects, which include science-based subjects, psychology and counselling.

The course known as Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) demands students have an in depth knowledge base and the course is structured to ensure each graduate is competent across all subjects.  Pharmacology, biology, clinical experience, social sciences, herbal medicine studies, diagnostic techniques are some of the recognized subjects included in the course.

This degree is offered at a number of universities across Australia and the curriculum is standardized.  Many of the universities open the course for international students and you should apply directly to the university to ascertain admission requirements.

Many naturopath’s set up their own practice.  Naturopaths may also work in multi-disciplinary clinics, health food stores – often they will be on call to these stores for advice on the best herbs to prescribe to customers looking for advice and pharmacies. They can use their qualification in other industries – called upon for research and development, education, sales and marketing.

Complementary medicine is becoming more and more accepted in Australia, making a career as a Naturopath a great choice.

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