Is MBA loosing its value as a Study Abroad Program

In the past decade, it has been seen that the youth is getting inclined towards the post-graduation programs in order to get better opportunities in the careers they want to pursue. One of the hot cake of that time is the Post Graduate Program in Business Management which is rightly called an MBA  (Masters in Business Administration). The MBA aspirants are struggling hard and racing in the competition to get the best college or the best University pursuing their career. There are various different colleges and universities which came up with the MBA program in order to give the exposure and best platform to the aspirants.

Is MBA loosing its value as a Study Abroad Program
Almost all the countries have their own MBA programs with the best faculties and best course modules. People are starting to look forward to pursuing their MBA career from a foreign country for getting more exposure and better opportunities. There are various B- Schools in our own country but still, the limelight or the sparkling effect of studying abroad has been a vision for the students.

The MBA programs offered by the B schools abroad definitely give you exposure and you are surrounded by people from different countries and cultures the practical experience that is gained has no comparison.

One drawback that we can say is the Educational expense that occurs when a person thinks about studying abroad, but there are different solutions that have come up for this problem as there are various student loans and scholarships available for the students which decrease the burden on the family.

So we can say that the charm of studying abroad is still there amongst students as it adds value on the Resume when they actually enter the real corporate world where competition has grown a lot and the individual has to be in the competition in order to survive.

Masters Degree from abroad not only gives you the international experience, but also opens up the networking opportunities with flourishing careers ahead. It is pretty clear that studying abroad is not losing its charm or its shine, it’s just that the educational cost or the return on the investment has made people  think about changing destination and the courses that were initially popular amongst students.

A Few experts have mentioned that there is not a lot of difference in the MBA program module from one B school to another. Moreover, most of the B-Schools have similar selling quotient or we can say the USP that is Qualified Faculties, Internationally Groomed, Placements and define the globalized exposure.

Students are really looking forward for the Globalized exposure and definitely opting for the study abroad option as there are many funding options available for the students for pursuing their career abroad.

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