IELTS Exam Speaking Section Tips

If you are applying for IELTS Exam, here are a few easy tricks that you can follow.

Make the most of your Speaking test and give the mock test as much as possible.

IELTS Exam Speaking Section Tips

  • Try to talk as much as you can with your friends, colleagues and every moment you get a chance.
  • talk  fluently as possible and be spontaneous because this will help you in improving your British accent
  • relax, be confident and enjoy using your English speaking
  • Develop your answers and refer general questions during the exam. be bold and confident while giving answers
  • Don’t lie because your answers will be wrong
  • speak more than the examiner speaks because he is not you are giving the exam
  • ask for clarification if necessary and not get anything from examiner
  • do not learn prepared answers; the examiner is trained to spot this and will change the question, but you should clear about your answers so be prepared about yourself
  • express your opinions; you will be assessed on your ability to communicate
  • The examiner’s questions tend to be fairly predictable; practice at home and record yourself.

Hope above point will help you in preparing your IELTS  speaking section for your it exam. Generally, students require 7+ bands in speaking section is the one in which you can score good marks.

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