Famous Food in Australia

1. Vegemite

Vegemite is the most common one that ‘foreigners’ discover, and more often than not, hate! No matter how many people tell you it’s disgusting you should try it at least once. I’m assuming it’s an acquired taste…

So what is Vegemite? Vegemite is a dark brown paste made from various vegetables, yeast extract, and spice additives. The most popular way to eat it is on bread or toast with butter. Australians also eat it with avocado, melted cheese, or tomato. (Yuck!) I’ve tried Vegemite and it not only looks and smells disgusting it also tastes disgusting. I thought it would taste like syrup, but it tastes very salty and not sweet at all.



2. Fairy Bread

Now this one is really strange and you probably won’t come across it unless you happen to find yourself at a kid’s party. Fairy Bread is simply white bread with butter sprinkled with hundreds and thousands!



3. Meat Pies

Pies are a popular snack to eat on the go and almost every corner shop, bakery, and supermarket will have a display case with lots of hot meaty pies to choose from. There are even specialty pie shops! Australians have many different savory pies you can buy, however, they are usually stuffed with minced meat, gravy, mushrooms, onions, and cheese. It’s also a good snack after a long night of partying (better than a kebab!). After drinking and dancing you end the night with a meat pie in your hand, sitting on the pavement waiting for your taxi to go home.

Pies come in all flavor combos we also loved the cauliflower & cheese pies for vegetarians needing a midnight snack!



4. Anzac Biscuits

ANZAC stands for the Australian

and New Zealand Army Corps that fought together during is a public holiday in Australia to celebrate the men that fought for the country. During the war, the wives baked these delicious ANZAC biscuits to send off to their men at war. They were cheap to make and could stay fresh throughout long boat journeys. They are made with coconut, golden syrup, and oats… yum!

(Never call these Anzac Cookies as that will upset Aussies more than you can imagine!)



5. Chicken Parma (AKA Chicken Parmigiana)

Ok, I know this doesn’t sound particularly Australian, but this is one of the most common foods you’ll find in an Australian pub. Loads of pubs have a parma night where you can grab a decent-priced chicken parma with a beer. A chicken parma is a chicken schnitzel (chicken covered in flour, egg, and then breadcrumbed), topped with a tasty tomato sauce with melted cheese on top. It’s like Australia meets Italy on a plate!




6. Pavlova

The Aussies and the Kiwis have long fought over the sovereignty of Russel Crowe, Crowded House, and the mighty Pavlova – a meringue cake base topped with whipped cream and fruit.

Regardless of its origin, the pavlova is absolutely delicious! You are most likely able to find a Pavlova in most cake shops or bakeries. You can also buy them pre-made from most major supermarket chains (look in the bread or frozen dessert section). Hot Tip: Make friends with an Aussie girl or guy and get invited to their next family BBQ, and taste Nanna’s Pav, it’ll blow your socks off!



7. Witchetty Grub

If you really want to experience some proper Aussie Bush Tucker – then a Witchetty Grub is the way to go. These little fellas taste a little like chicken and contain just as much protein as an entire piece of steak! The first Australian indigenous community has eaten these for years and the nutritional benefits may just help you to overcome the texture.



8. Lamingtons

If you like coconut you’ll love this classic Aussie dessert – The Lamington.

Made up of a deliciously, delicate soft, sponge cake, and topped with decadent chocolate topping and immersed in coconut flakes, the ole’ Lamington has been a fixture on the dessert table for generations.



9. Pods

Pods are crunchy yet gooey bites of heaven with Mars Bar, Snickers, or Twix filling. Shockingly, you’ll only find them in Australia and New Zealand.



10. Chiko Rolls

Inspired by the Chinese spring roll, Chikos is a fast-food consisting of deep-frying rolls of beef, cabbage, celery, and veg. They’re typically eaten by surfers after a day at the beach and they’re sold at most of our fish & chip shops or corner stores.


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