Expenses, Tuition Fee & Living Costs for Study in United Kingdom

Tuition fees, living costs, visa charges, transport costs to and from the student’s home country, and other expenses such as food, books, and medicines are all included in the cost of studying in the United Kingdom. The cost of tuition varies depending on the type of course and the length of the course. Accommodation, food, and personal expenses are all elements that influence the cost of living. Here is a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with studying in the United Kingdom. Examine the table below to determine the overall cost of schooling in the United Kingdom.

Particulars In Indian Rupee ( ₹) In British Pound  (£)
IELTS Coaching ₹ 10,000 £ 99.017874
Exam Fees ₹14,700 £ 145.58346
Tuition Fees ₹ 13 Lakh £  12,874.817
Living Cost ₹ 6, 000.00 £  59.4127
Visa Fees ₹ 31,300 £ 309.9199
Total ₹ 1,330,700 £ 13,175.915
Less Part-Time Earnings ₹ 55,0000 £ 5,445.9877
Net Cost ₹ 99,5600 £ 0.98575277
Assistantships/Scholarships Yes
Nature of Part-Time Jobs Off-Campus 20 hrs per week

During Vacation 40 hrs per week

Money to be spent by a student ₹ 10,96,800 £ 10,859.779

These are the Expenses, Tuition Fee & Living Costs for Studying in the United Kingdom.

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