United Kingdom (UK) Students VISA Procedure

 In UK Student Visas come under TIER 4 STUDENT VISA under Point Based System. The policies are framed by UK Home Office & governed by United Kingdom Border Agency also called UKBA. And in India they are executed by:

  • British High Commission of New Delhi
  • Deputy British High Commission of Chennai
  • Deputy British High Commission of Kolkata
  • Deputy British Deputy High Commission of Mumbai

As per the current UK Home Office regulations the student needs to score 40 points for getting successful student visa. The details of the points are as under:




There are two student categories in Tier 4 of the Points-Based System:

Adult / General student – for students coming to the United Kingdom who are of age 16 years and above for education.

Child student – for children between 4 and 18 years old to come to the United Kingdom for their education. Student Aged between 16-18 years can apply as an Adult / General student. The student will have to prove the consent of his / her parents / legal guardians that they can make their own arrangements for accommodation and can travel to the  United Kingdom.

For Adult / General Students:

Point Based System Form Appendix 8: Tier 4 (General) Student Self-


  • Point Based System Form (VAF9) Personal Details . We need to fill this form online with effect from 12th December 2011.

For Child Students:

  • Point Based System Appendix 9 Tier 4 (Child) Student Self  Assessment
  • Point Based System Form (VAF9) Personal Details. We need to fill this form online with effect from 12th December 2011.



1. The Tuition Fees should be exactly as given in the CAS. In case if the course duration is more than one year, then the CAS should mention separately fees for the first year. In case of 16 months course the full tuition fees mentioned in the CAS is to be shown.

2. Birth Certificate has to be attached invariably along with the application, if the funds are in the parents name and it has to be in English. If in case it is in vernacular language then the student needs to get it translated from approved translator.

3. Letter of Consent should be enclosed if the funds are in the joint account of parents and students.

4. If the student is under 18 yrs and funds in joint account with the parents then 2 Letter of Consents should be enclosed with the application. One for the Consent for the funds and one for the minor child.

5. If the student is using a saving account as an evidence of funds then the time period between the last date of transaction and the date of filing the case should not be of more then 30 days.

6. In case of FDR in the name of the student and parents and in case if the name of the student has been recently added then the FDR should show the date on which the name was added and the FDR should be 28 days old from the day the name was added to it.

7. Loan against FDR & mortgage loan or any other form of loans are not acceptable. The only loan that is acceptable is Education loan offered by bank only for Education purpose.

8. Although the loan against FDR is not acceptable but Education loan taken against the fixed deposit as security is acceptable in case the student is not having 28 days old fund.

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