5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in Asia

If you are still confused with which country  to fly to make your career ahead then read the following blog as it may clarify your some of the doubts and help you to choose the  best study abroad country for further studies.

Top 5 Reasons for why studying  in Asia is best as compared to other destinations.

1.  You can afford it!!!

Yes!!! Really You Can.  One of the important  things that  worry  most of us is the high cost of tuition fees of the Institution and difficulty or unaffordibility in it’s smooth payment. But the above doesn’t apply for Institutions in Asia.  What’s more incredible is because of destinations like” China and Thailand ”  the continent Asia has  started becoming   famous  among students for  it’s ‘cost effective’ factor of studying.  i.e. Quality with less quantity in terms of money.

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2.  Moving out of    “Comfort  Zone”  to experience something unforgettable.

Are your parents too protective about you and your safety. Yes all of them are. But it’s even  important for you as a person  to  move out of our comfort zones and prove them your capability as a person.  Asia is always known and famous for its comfort zones.  Students and parents always prefer the destination with comfort zones. People  always do tell you to get outside of your comfort zones.  Studying abroad in Asia takes this principle to a whole new level.

May be you belong to same continent or coming from a completely different world, studying in Asia will  get you  an opportunity to enter a foreign land,  meet some pretty good people  locals or study abroad students from around the globe,  know about them and share your views and experiences with them.

A completely foreign culture, with strange new faces and delicious and different varieties of food to taste with new friends will make your days fun and frolic.

Throwing your self completely in this new world will not only make you more confident and independent but help to get true mettle out in the end.

Yaa!!! with all lot of new experience it’ s important at the same time to be contact in with your parents through mail or telephonically .

 With less money and experience and less  language skills and with no protective hand   you’re bound to get in a few bruises but ultimately you will  discover your self as a  true  individual!!!


 3.What an incentive to improve your language skills!

Are you crazy about learning different languages!!! So none other place on this world other than Asia has variety in language .  Only a single country India is having 30+ diversifies languages in its culture.

4.  Studying in Asia is an asset on the job market!!

 Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, Singapore and China are well developed countries and they are all ahead in technology.  So getting a job should not be a worry as we get  get plenty of jobs  in Asia including India.

5.  See more of the world for fewer Dollars $$

Asia is full of diversity and its fully open world for you, its great research place for you, lots of things are here to learn, Asia is full of history and beauty. So you can explore the huge world here. You have lots of decisions to make when it comes to choosing where to study abroad.  One consideration that you should absolutely take into account while making these decisions is travel – how much of the world do you plan to see while you’re abroad?  Asian countries are uniquely suited for student travel, as they provide access to many affordable destinations.


Other  numerous reasons for studying abroad in Asia are :

1) A unique destination with no university-specific placement quotas.  Anyone  can go on their own, with a friend or as part of a larger group.

2) Simplicity in procedures of  application and it’s approval.  (for example no need of   TOEFL language proficiency test and approval of the study place in one week)

3)  Study program is comparatively more  affordable.

4)  Interesting courses and qualified teaching staff.

5) Having optimal  length of the study abroad programs which are based on the feedback from the students.

6) Practical exposure is given importance.



 Hello Study Abroad Life!

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