Tips for GRE Success.

It’s time when students do not have to strive hard to get admissions abroad!!!! American universities and colleges are not very choosy in picking up students due to soaring cut off rates in high ranked institutes like IIT’s and IIM’s, shrinking returns from endowment funds, diminishing number of high school graduates in the United States and growing economic hardships among American families, they have stepped up their efforts to lure Indian students to take admissions abroad thousand miles away from India.

GRE is one test which becomes a ladder to your admissions in US Universities.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that measures the skill sets of an individual along with the grades with the help of test types Analytical Writing, Quantitative, and Verbal. Analytical Writing includes two essay questions whereas through Quantitative tests Maths skills and Verbal tests judges English skills.

GRE is taken to distinguish an A grade person at prestigious University or with a tough course and in not so prestigious university with an easy course. It could be easy to earn an “A” at one place while it is extremely difficult at another.

To put up simply, GRE is a tool through which graduate admission committee takes help to judge and make decisions as they do not know the caliber of every school in the world.

GRE acts as admission test which is required for the people who want to do a masters or PhD program. You need to apply for GRE if you want to study post graduation in foreign countries.

Some of the tips mentioned below can help you to get closer to a well defined preparation for GRE:

Tips for GRE Success.1. Perceive why you wish the GRE for and what score is suitable in your case

There are several reasons why the GRE is being required. Some schools want it for mere formality whereas others wish it as an important factor to judge the potential skills of the candidates and if needed provide scholarships to them. In any case, you need to verify what score is appropriate for the program or the school you’re getting into for. Deciding what score you are aiming for will assist you push your limits simply just in case your good is not enough.

2. Devote the utmost quantity of your time for your GRE preparation

Time is one of the significant factors that might make sure your success in GRE. You are required to give a minimum of 4 weeks to maximum of 12 weeks time to adequately study and prepare yourself for GRE.It is advisable that time to time you need to review your preparation or to take a diagnostic test at a free event and have enough time in hand to avoid last minute goof ups.

3. Get the POWERPREP® II software

Download the free POWERPREP® II software which allows a comprehensive overview of each section of the GRE® revised General Test available on it’s website. This tool is also facilitated with a Test Preview Tool and two practice tests to help you get ready for GRE. This software assists you in the following areas:

  • Taking of Practice test.
  • Getting familiarity with the tests design and various question types.
  • Understanding of what’s being tested
  • Reviewing  test-taking strategies
  • Understanding scores.
  • Reviewing of  Analytical Writing scores and  responses and reader’s  commentary

Thus this tool replicates the actual testing and checking and  therefore it gets  quite easy and  useful to predict your GRE score.

4. Taking GRE review course

GRE review courses are the type of online GRE coaching centers which are most preferred by students and aspirants of GRE as compared to other preparation methods and techniques. This online courses help students to prepare for GRE even they are unable to enroll themselves in a GRE centre. It’s comparatively more preferred than all the other methods of preparation like software, flashcards, books etc just because of the fact that it has a formal  and a step by step method of teaching, schedule and time table for the students  covering the whole syllabus of GRE. Another added feature which is comparatively different from Power Prep II software is it includes the guidance and support of an expert tutor which imparts complete knowledge of tests and syllabus. Aspirants are more motivated and know very well to focus on the areas and the section with the help of tutors and thus can prepare themselves well accordingly.

5. Take a look at GRE patterns

You can take a look at previous patterns and queries of GRE which help aspirants to judge and see the longer or the shorter time in the specific sections.

6. Examine the new updates in GRE

Keeping yourself up-to-date with the changes in the GRE pattern will help you to grasp and perform better. Some of the changes that are made in GRE pattern are:

Changing the answer keys which weren’t allowed beforehand if the first answer has keyed in.

Previous measures ruled out usage of calculator throughout the examination. Now it’s allowed.

By educating yourself with these finer updates you can focus not only on GRE questions but on the techniques itself.

7. Clear your vocabulary issues

One of the things which may offer goose bumps to those students taking the GRE is vocabulary. The more you educate yourself about the GRE, the more review of the vocabulary words studied and timed tests taken, the more comfortable you’ll feel come test day.

8. Settle your word issues

Reading English books, newspapers and watching English news channels regularly will improve your grammar and vocabulary. You must be also aware of the current affairs of the country.

9. Solve your Maths

Whether it’s GRE or other exams, Maths does scare  most of the individuals. So aspirants who are scared of solving Maths should regularly  practice and revise thoroughly to come out with flying colours in GRE.

10. Do not wait till you reach your senior level

Yes!!! Do not wait for last minute preparations anyway. You will have extra college load in your senior level. So concentrating on two or more things at the same time gets difficult.

Starting to prepare for the tests at junior year at school, with lessons still fresh in your mind will help you to prepare more precisely and in a detailed manner.

With having all the self determination, discipline and hard work and with a feeling that GRE and you being friends together and this friendship  will help you to understand each other’s problems well you can surely get success in GRE.



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