10 Things You Need to Know Before Studying Abroad

10 Things You Need to Know Before Studying AbroadSo you are the lucky one among your peers to get a scholarship to study abroad? Good for you and we wish you the best.  You are going to gain valuable knowledge that will stand you in good stead throughout your life.  You are going to have a jolly good time, experience something new, meet interesting people and cultures, see extra-ordinary spectacles and take millions of photographs. Look also to ground realities before you embark upon your journey and during the period you are abroad.

1. Choose the Best Travel Deal! Remember you are not earning but in the process of learning. Hunt around in the Internet to find the cheapest travel charges. See if you can get a combo deal comprising international and domestic travels.

2.  When you are in a strange place, never walk down the street if the streets are very secluded. Always take a cab but make sure to note down as much detail about the cab and the driver as possible.

3. Friendship is all fine but it could also cause pain. Do not fall prey to handsome young men or beautiful girls who could entice you into a comradeship only to cheat you out of anything they can lay their hands on.

4. Unless you are chronic loner, form groups with similar minded people. This will benefit you in two ways. You will be relatively safe but also will learn things from group members which you would not otherwise have.

5. Get yourself familiar with some basic words in the language of the land. You will be surprised how simple words like “thank you”, “please” will immediately bond you and the locals in a way that will work out hugely in your favor.

6. Get yourself an international insurance that would cover all sorts of emergencies including loss of your possessions and medical.

7. Technology has made it possible for Tokyo to be as near New York as New Jersey is. All you need is a smartphone and applications like Whatsapp and you can be constantly in communication with your loved ones, the police authorities and security agencies etc.

8. Apply for passport well in advance and get it. If you already have one, make sure your passport is up-to-date and get your paperwork in order. You may be going in for anything from complete courses in personal training to short term courses; irrespective of that, your basic preps should be complete in all respects.

9. Learn about foreign exchange in respect of the country of visit. Get yourself acquainted with price norms of the country.

10. Get a master health checkup done and get all the necessary shots as required by the country of visit.

11. Keep your complete itinerary ready in your hand and keep ticking off once one item has been successfully carried out.

12.  Make sure that the institute knows of your impending arrival. Ask them to arrange for your stay and inform you of the details so that you do not end up stranded in a railway station or airport in a strange land.

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points to know Before Studying AbroadTake care of points before study abroad

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