10 Reasons for your Visa Rejection from Visa High Commission

Your Visa may reject due to various reasons. High Commission for student visa applications from India and are of high risks. Read top 10 reasons for your rejection of Visa. You have to study below major points if you are reapplying for the Visa.

  Visa Rejection from Visa High Commission

  1. Applications of students above 26 years of age: Age is a one of the major factor for approval of your Visa. If you are applying for students Visa and your age is more than 26, then it’s very difficult for you to get Student Visa.
  2. Application of recently married students: If student gets recently married and applying for student Visa, Chances for such student to get Visa is Low.
  3. Applications from students who have large unexplained gaps in employment or study: Student with More back-locks and large gap in Education may receive rejection for Visa.
  4. Applications from students who have low IELTS: Your low IELTS score also may be the reason for Rejection of your Visa.
  5. Applications of students having low academics i.e.: less than 60%: if student applying with very poor academics may get rejection for Visa Commission.
  6. Applications of students studied soft school subjects such as arts and humanities: It’s very easy for students applying for programs like Engineer, medical or any other strong technical background. If you are from Arts and Humanities or any other social science stream, your change for getting Visa is Low.
  7. Application from Diploma Certificates :Applications of students meeting undergraduate entry but seeking a package through a Cert II / III / IV and diploma, Such diploma holders students unable to present proper University Documents.
  8. Applications of students who have excessively long packages leading to Universities: Students who are working and have excessively long packages may get rejection in Visa.
  9. Applications of students from Punjab & Haryana: States like Punjab & Haryana are states where many fraud students come and plan to settle abroad with Student Visa.
  10. Improper Funding Resources: if you have improper funding resources for Education may get rejection.

If you have sent us applications of students that meet a multiple number of the above criteria then they would be considered a high risk for you for Visa High Commission and are more likely to have their application declined and visa rejected.

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