Words List : Local Words Vs English USA Words

Whenever we change places, we find that the words and their meanings change from place to place. Same with the English language, students going to the USA observe some changes in words and their usage. The following is a simple dictionary for translating between American English and Indian English.  With the help of this word list, you can easily communicate with local people in the USA.

Words List : Local Words Vs English USA Words

[tabs] [tab title=”Food”]

(In Indian English – In American English)
Cold drink — Soda pop

Coriander — Cilantro
Cafe (“kayf”) — Cafe (“kaf-ay'”)

Curd — Yogurt
Filter coffee — Brewed coffee

News-Coffee — Instant coffee
French beans — Snow peas

Milk powder — Cream
Jelly — Gelatin

Hotel — Restaurant
Ladyfingers – Okra

Garam masala — Curry
Toffee — Hard candy

Small pastries — Cakes
Biscuit — Cookies/Wafers/Crackers

Brinjal — Eggplant
(Potato) wafers — (Potato) chips

Bun – Biscuit
Groundnuts – Peanuts

Finger chips — French fries

[/tab] [tab title=”Education”]

(In Indian English – In American English)

Private school — Private school (tuition charged)

Public school — Public school (free)
College – School

School — High school
2nd standard — 2nd grade

University — School
Invigilator – Proctor

High marks — Good grades
Canteen — Cafeteria

[/tab] [tab title=”Clothes”]

(In Indian English – In American English)
Half-pant – Shorts

Windcheater — Windbreaker

[/tab] [tab title=”Transportation”]

(In Indian English – In American English)
Boot, Nikky — Trunk of a car

Traffic signal — Traffic light
Petrol pump – Gas station

Bonnet — Hood of a car
Footpath – Sidewalk

Petrol — Gas
Take a lift — Get a ride

Zebra Crossing — Crosswalk
Cycle – Bike

Motorcycle — Motorbike

[/tab] [tab title=”Other”]

(In Indian English – In American English)
American Football (rugby?) – Football

Football — Soccer
Ltd. — Inc.

Solid — Substantial
Goggles – Sunglasses

Two-in-One — Boom box
Guesthouse – Motel

Toilet — Restroom
Cell – Battery

Note — Bill
Rubber – Eraser

Torch — Flashlight
Dustbin — Trash can

Condom — Rubber
Mess Dorm – Cafeteria

Beggar — Panhandler
Lift – Elevator

Restaurant bill — Restaurant check
Pram — Stroller

[/tab] [tab title=”Idioms”]

(In Indian English – In American English)
To submit — To turn in

To post (a letter) — To mail (a letter)
Straight-away — Right away

To be out of station — To be out of town
Bunk school — Skip class

Anticlockwise — Counterclockwise
Fainted — Passed out

Passed out — Graduated
The line is engaged — It’s busy / I got a busy tone

Ring up (someone) — Call up (someone)
Give the car some race — Speed up the car

Push the accelerator — Step on the gas
Let’s push off — Let’s go

Get down (from a bus) — Get off (of a bus)
Convince someone — Talk someone into

Let’s make a move — Let’s go
Standing from a constituency — Running for an election

Black money — Tax-free, undeclared income
How are you? — How are you doing?

Issue a book (from the library) — Check out a book (from the library)
Too good – Cool

How is everything? — How is it going?
[/tab] [/tabs]

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