Why study in New Zealand?

Why study in New Zealand???

New Zealand, famous for its food and sports is a great place to visit and is a superb place to study. It’s special features are lush green hills, golden sand beaches, lush rainforests all within a few hour’s drive. The population of New Zealand is nearly four million. People in New Zealand are known as “Kiwis” and are friendly. They love to travel and therefore are familiar with many different cultures. Temperature is between 10 to 15 degrees celsius. Summers are warm and dry where temperature is 20 to 30 degrees celcius. You can enjoy summers in December, January, and February. Winters are from June to August.

Why Study in NewzelandNew Zealand has the best environment and the pleasant climatic conditions. This type of climate motivates and helps students while studying. They learn as well as earn and experience “the ultimate” type of learning over there. Medium of speaking is English. All Universities here are world renowned. New Zealand University system has eight institutions spread all over the country. Dispersion of studies creates a golden chance for aspirants to work in different fields and create their own niche.

Students can research in various fields ranging from marine mammals to earthquake engineering. Education in New Zealand provides everything for everyone according to their interests. Students are exposed to theoretical as well as practical knowledge thus have a complete exposure to different fields.

The study is research based and the study pattern is modelled after the British system of education. New Zealand is perfect blend of dedication and hard work. It provides best education with best teachers and good environment with big and comfortable classrooms. Every university has a representative body. The New Zealand Vice Chancellors Committee has legal responsibility for University course approval and moderation procedure. New Zealand university academic audit unit supports quality assurance method. These systems certify that university education in New Zealand is consistently excellent in maintaining standards. Students here are well groomed and polished so that they can stand anywhere in the world with leading position in global position. Entries into the University are very flexible.

Key features of New Zealand education system are:

• Universities are of high standards with well educated and qualified staff.
• Students are made aware and updated about latest technologies and current events.
• It has parental care system for students backed by government monitored code of practice.
• Sophistication and excitement of cosmopolitan country mixes with flexible lifestyle and culture.
• Besides education, students can enjoy sports like rafting , skiing, snowboarding…etc.
• The place is very safe, people are versatile and elegant. Crime rate is very low.
• Fees is affordable with low cost of accommodation.
• Meritorious students can apply for scholarships.
• Vast opportunities in technical field.

“International office” in institutes provides high quality backing to support services that are needed by students to adjust in the new environment. After completion of respective courses, course students can get 12 months work permit. This allows them to work for full time after completion of studies. If you want permanent residency then the job must be in the field of your study.
If anything is not working out then immigration department is ready to help for visa and loan.
Therefore without any doubt students should go to New Zealand and be a part of a progressive and successful world.

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