Why study in France?


 France!!! Just not able to find words to describe the beauty of France as Almighty God has bestowed it with  greeneries, mountains, vivid culture, art, infrastructure, monuments etc.etc. If you love variety and think that it adds spice to your life then France can be the best study option as you will find varieties of everything over there and therefore one not getting attracted towards would be weird. As I love VARIETY… and having got the chance, I would have surely gone there and stayed even for any small one month course.

Why Study in FranceStudents are very well groomed as it provides options to build career of theirs in every field. Courses related to fashion world are very famous. Most celebrities get glamorised in France. So, if any student is interested in these courses then France can be considered as the best option especially for girls as girls love style and glamour.

Other than glamour, France provides extensive options for graduation and post graduation. It is very famous for high quality education and technology. France has high ranked institutes in fields like Maths, Astrophysics, Biology, Medicine, Genetics, Physics and Management courses. It is very well known for its elite “GRAND ECOLE”. These are French institutions that offer one the best education to students. Getting entry in such institutions is not easy.  Students need to be intelligent and should think out of the box.

France is known for its research and developmental programs. Government is taking efforts in promoting education vigorously in France. Professionalism contributes to the rich development of country. France stands second in the field of Information technology. France is famous for monitoring technical management of European space program, the operational launcher of several dozen communications and observing satellites. French is not necessarily the only language spoken over there. You can also communicate in English. French education is centralised and highly qualified. It is mainly divided into three parts i.e.  Primary, Secondary and Higher education. Faculty takes care that every student is learning properly and gaining good knowledge. For that matter Practical training is given by staff members  from different companies or offices. People are very professional. You won’t see a single one sitting idle; everyone is full of activity and working.

France is popular for courses like:

  • MBA
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Fashion
  • Arts.

Entry requirements for Masters Program.

MBA: A first-class Bachelor’s Degree, 2 to 3 years work Experience and GMAT

Masters: Good Bachelors Degree.

English obligation + Eligibility:

IELTS with score of band 6 is mandatory to secure the admission in France.

Students can earn and learn simultaneously in France. After graduation students can opt for Higher degree education. Schooling is from 3-16 yrs. BEPC is from age 11-15 which is equal to 10th Std, after that student gets diploma which is equal to 12th Std in India. There are 88 Universities which provide courses on all the streams as follows:

  • Arts.
  • Science.
  • Commerce.
  • Astrophysics.
  • Genetics.
  • Physics.
  • Interior and fashion design.

Students are taught obedience and manners on a primarily level so that they learn to be well behaved. By true means France is the best place to study. Like all education system,       short listing of potential students is done on a merit basis and usually is conducted by schools through entrance exams. Students have to clear those exams to get an entry in the institutes of France.

Visa system is very easy. Just submit all the required documents to get an approval from the authorities. After you get visa students can book their tickets. You need admission letter from French university which you get quickly. House rent is low. People are very humble and are ready to help newcomers. France has very high profile life with night clubs, restaurants’, hotels. Historic monuments and old sculptures in France exhibits it’s rich heritage. Residence permit needs to be extended after six months.

So students what are you waiting for!!! Go get your tickets…  Fly over to France and take yourself on the top of the world and show the world your status.

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