Why study in Dubai ?

“Welcome to Dubai” the most exciting city of Desert”.

Dubai, famous for its buildings, modern Arab architecture, clean sandy beaches and clear blue green waters. It  is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and over the past decade,  has developed itself into one of the most prominent education hub.

Why study in Dubai?Dubai covered with four-fifth of the desert is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of its awestruck beauty. Since the last twenty years, the quantity of faculties and Universities in Dubai has raised considerably. Students have a good sort of study programs to settle down to.

Known for it’s expensive though quality education, Dubai’s educational system comprises of a variety of academic institutions like Schools, Colleges and Universities and has been rated one of the best in world.

 Several training institutes offer professional courses and training programs in various fields ranging from academic, technical and professional degree programs in various disciplines thus helping students to prepare themselves for  over all development in any field they opt for.

There are more than 25 International Branch Campuses (IBCs) in Dubai for international students representing 13 different national curriculum of Postgraduate and Undergraduate courses offered through the education hub in Dubai.

Few of the Universities and Colleges in Dubai welcome admissions of students only belonging to same nation.

Also Private Institutions in Dubai welcomes anyone who meets the admission criteria.

Time duration for part time work for International students is 20 hours a week in free zone areas after getting due permission from University officials.

Dubai homes the simplest golf courses within the world. Students from everywhere the globe are interested to pursue their studies in Dubai. After completion of their study programs there are lots of careers choices in Dubai for proficient folks.

 Dubai’s economy has seen growth at a very faster rate. Due to quite fair education policies of Dubai, Education in Dubai is comparatively cheaper.

Due to vast development activities especially in the area of infrastructure, trade and commerce, the possibilities of finding on job is easy.

Advantages and Benefits of Studying in Dubai!!!

  • Dubai, one of the best places to study with Universities welcoming International students and being situated in Dubai knowledge village helps students of all culture to gel well and work and play in harmony.
  • Studying in the English Language is possible in almost all of Universities in Dubai without any discrimination of any kind.
  • You can even study in Dubai without IELTS or TOEFL.
  • As an international student current scenario does not permit International students to work and study at the same time.  UAE labor law does not allow international students to undertake paid work and part time jobs. However, after completing graduation, students can get jobs in the UAE and enjoy a Tax free salary.
  • Compared to other European and Asian Countries expenses incurred by students  comes out to be very less.       You earn a recognized degree with  quality education with great experience of multi culture.
  • Most Universities in Dubai enjoy high World Ranking.
  • Expensivveeee!!! But manageable with sharing accommodation with friends, family or bed space!!  Rent depends upon location and number of people sharing the room. Most of the Universities do provide accommodation but comparatively rent is higher. But!!! Still with higher rates you can also enjoy good accommodation, transportation, internet and other facilities.


  Scholarship/ Bursaries

Usually offered to national students of Dubai . It also has some Universities like University of Wollongong-Dubai and Murdoch University which do offer scholarships to international students. Students may take up unpaid internships but must obtain permission from the university before commencement.

As Dubai is a Shopping city it can be fun with discounts and bargaining that can be done by most the city vendors. You can feel yourself in cloud nine with good food, shopping and entertainment. Home to more than 80% of population from outside UAE, they feel a sense of familiarity. Making friends, foodies, foods of different kinds, fashion trends from all over the world helps people of different communities to stay together.


Economy and Jobs!!!

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  • Very good blog, I am from India and I did my MBA from the University of Wollongong in Dubai From my experience, Dubai is one of the best places to study with international standard universities.


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