What is the Approximate Cost of Living in Germany

Any student who thinks about the overseas education is first worried about the expenses other than the educational expense which is the fees and all. The concern is all about the living expenses that might occur while living in the foreign country. When we talk about living expenses, it varies from place to place and even within the country or city it can be different. If we talk about the cost of living in Germany it is at a different parameter.

Approximately students require around 850 Euros as the monthly expenditure in Germany. It will differ as per the cities; larger cities might cost more than the smaller cities. And some depends on how economically you have planned to live there.

What is the Approximate Cost of Living in Germany
A slight idea about the expense can be:-

Rent Euro 323
Food and Drink Euro 168
Clothing Euro 42
Learning Materials Euro 20
Transportation Euro 94
Health Euro 80
Telephone and Internet Euro 31
Recreational Euro 61
Total Euro 819


Rent Expenses

Rent comprises of the major portion of  the expenses while staying at any place. Approximately the cost of rent is about 210 to 363 Euros depending upon the place and the city. This expense can be taken care if you prefer to stay in a shared flat or share your flat with someone to cut the cost of living. There are many places in Germany that offer low rents and be the major attraction for the students.

Food Expenses

When it comes to food it all depends on the choices of food on every individual. If you plan to cook at home and not to buy the costly eatable from out you can manage in 100 – 150 Euros idea, but it depends how much do you cost cutting on the food expenses and don’t find it lazy to cook by yourself.

Transportation Cost

The transportation cost again depends upon the distance that you are staying at from the university or the college. Ideally, it ranges from Euros 50-100 depending upon on the mode of transport and distance. The bus facilities are the best ones you get there as they give you the option of monthly passes which are again at a discounted price.

Daily needs Expenses

The daily needs that comprises of the soaps and shampoos and lotions and other cosmetics might also cost you a little as these are the required and unavoidable stuffs which you will need for surviving. If you think you can use less of them than you can save around Euro 20 – 50 a month.

Cost of parties and weekends

This expense is the optional expense that can be avoided and totally depends on the  individual’s choice. If you are not interested in partying, drinking and going to clubs, then you can save on the pocket but still can enjoy a little by spending less on it. Planning a weekend party at home can be a good option which might save the extra cost.

Last but not the least there are expenses that occurs in every country while you decide to study there and live there along with the fees and other educational expenses, but still you have options to enjoy the stay there by managing the expenses and also working part time in the country.Getting a job and earning some money can be done in Germany.The country offers many part time opportunities to the students which help in supporting their living abroad. The German minimum wage is 8.50 per hour, which can be a good amount to support the expenses and living in Germany.

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