What is the Approximate Cost of Living in Germany

Any student considering an overseas education is concerned about costs other than the educational costs, such as fees and other expenses. The main source of anxiety is the possibility of incurring additional living expenditures when living in a foreign nation. When it comes to living expenses, they vary from location to place, and even within the same country or city. When it comes to the expense of living in Germany, it’s a different story.

In Germany, students require approximately 850 Euros per month as a monthly cost. It will vary depending on the cities; larger cities may be more expensive than smaller cities. And some of it is contingent on how financially you intend to live there.

What is the Approximate Cost of Living in Germany

Cost of Living in Germany:

Student living expenses in Germany. Germany is not just a free country to study in, but it is also a reasonably priced country. The average cost of living for students, including housing, is between 700 and 1,000 EUR per month.

In Germany, students typically spend about 850 Euros per month on living expenses. You will need roughly 10,300+ Euros per year in living expenses, and over 40% of international students will seek out student homes because of the lower monthly expenditures of around 300 EUR.

Rent Expenses:

Rent will account for the majority of your monthly expenses. This, however, differs depending on where you are. For housing, students typically pay between 290 and 560 euros. Some cities, such as Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, and Frankfurt, have rents that are higher than the national average.

Food Expenses:

Students may anticipate spending roughly 150-200 Euros per month on groceries on average. Students can access cafeterias, cafes, and even bars on most campuses. Students get discounted access to cafeterias and cafes, which is supplied by campus services, which the semester contribution helps pay for.

Transportation Cost:

  • Mode Of Transportation Cost
  • Bus €70/per month
  • Train €19-€50
  • Taxi €3.50 Upwards

Daily needs Expenses:

Daily necessities such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, and other cosmetics may cost a little more, but they are necessary and inevitable items that you will require to survive. If you believe you will use less of them, you can save between €750 and €1715 every month.

Health Insurance:

In Germany, students receive heavily discounted rates from state insurance carriers. The cost of health insurance for students is set by legislation and ranges from 100 to 120 euros each month. If you choose private insurance, which is more expensive but also available to students, you can choose from a variety of excellent private insurance choices. Contributions to private health insurance vary dramatically.

Cost of parties and weekends:

This is an optional expense that can be completely eliminated at the individual’s discretion. If you don’t enjoy drinking, partying, or going to clubs, you can save money while still having a nice time by spending less on these activities. Having a weekend get-together at your home could be a great way to save money.

Finally, there are expenses that occur in every nation when you decide to study and live there, such as fees and other educational expenses, but you can still enjoy your stay by budgeting and working part-time in the country.

Finding a job and earning money is possible in Germany.

While studying abroad, students may work part-time in the nation to help support their living expenses. The German minimum wage is $8.50 per hour, which is a sufficient amount to pay basic living expenses.

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