What is India-UK Young Professional Scheme

The India-UK Young Professional Scheme is a program aimed at facilitating the exchange of young professionals between India and the United Kingdom. It provides opportunities for individuals to gain international experience and enhance their professional development by working in a different culture and business environment. The program typically involves work placement in the host country, often followed by further training or career development opportunities. The exact details of the program, including eligibility criteria and application procedures, may vary depending on the specific initiative or organization running the scheme.

Letters formalising the much-awaited India-UK Young Professional Scheme were signed and exchanged on Monday by High Commissioner Vikram Doraiswami and Permanent Undersecretary of State for UK Home Office Mathew Rycroft. No more than 3,000 young professionals can avail of the scheme every year.

“Under the scheme, young professionals (graduates) who are between the age of 18-30 will be authorised to gain exposure to working life in another culture, with the option of taking employment as an incidental part of their stay for a maximum duration of two years.โ€œ Aiming to enhance the mobility of young professionals,YPS will be beneficial for both countries.

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