Value of Money? Abroad Education!

Value of Money ….  US or UK????

When we go abroad our life changes completely wherein our priorities change.

 We run for money, grades and a good job.

 Why do we go abroad for studies???

 The simple answer is to enhance our skills, develop an overall personality. We opt for abroad studies as well as to fetch a job through which we can have our  earnings in dollars or pounds.

 And who does not want to earn in Dollars and Pounds!!!

 Useless is a degree or certificate from a college or University if it is not recognized by employer, other institution or field authorities and through which we cannot fetch a job of your choice in abroad or anywhere in the world.

 In short everyone tries to choose a University in any country may be but through which we can get a good value of money and returns on investment can be enormous.

 If we talk about US, they have colleges and Universities which has got professional accreditation by different governing bodies as well as recognized by employers.

 And Why Not???

Both UK and USA have world class institutions with quality education but still USA Universities ranks No. 1 as it has more world class intuitions than any other country in the world.

The return on investment is much better in USA as it invests money on a student in a much bigger way.

 Statistics prove that US Universities spends more money on students than the Universities of other countries.

 US Universities spend $20,000 per year on each student compared to $7,225 in Britain, $11,572 in Australia, $12,217 in Canada.

 Spending  a good amount  of  money on it’s students means US Universities do value money of students who have come all the way long to study.

 It is very important to choose a place where you can get a degree which is recognized and duly accepted by the employers and also enhance your skills through which employers can immediately hire you in one shot!!

 Most of the Universities in the US help students for their overall development student by providing assistance in resume preparation or by counseling them personally as well as career wise.

 US education is quite informal wherein people are informal and comparatively more likely to take risks. They are encouraged to ask questions to their instructors and even challenge his instructions. Same scenario could be seen in offices whereas working environment is very informal and working hours flexible. Pets are also welcome in the office place. Discussions, long meetings, sharing each others opinion, presenting your objections to it with water, tea, coffee are common at work place in America.

Whereas UK Universities offer degree courses which are also globally recognized as well is recognized in home country too.

Abroad education usually adds value to your resume and as UK Destination has become quite a favorite among students as it is backed by qualities which make students self independent, self reliant, a responsible individual and make you job ready.

A degree from a UK institution will let employer know that you have an independent thinking, must be good in research and analysis. Your understandability is good and you can work hard to deliver productive work at organizational place.

Educational courses offered by UK Universities are of shorter duration as compared to those offered elsewhere in Europe and North America and that’s why they are more cost effective.  A standard undergraduate course will take 3 years in UK; as compared to 4 years in US or in any country and a standard postgraduate degree or diploma will take 1 year in UK, as compared to 2 years in any other country.

Whereas if you can prove your excellence in academics then University offers Scholarships, Grants or Stipends to its meritorious students to cover their daily expenses as well as high tuition fees in US.

There are work study options available wherein the US University permits students to work full time even during regular classes. Classes are held in the evening or on week ends & the student works full time during the day. These options are particularly good for students with low budgets.

And because of this particular reason it appears that UK students are becoming increasingly attracted to US universities, regardless of the cost.

 US or UK???  Choice is completely yours.

Whereas USA has one of the largest economies in the world and statistically proven that the rate of unemployment in US has gone down as compared to UK, UK is still a favorite destination among students ( Indians specially)  due to one of the best education systems and shortest visa processing time .

 Cost of Education  Scholarships

 Hello Study Abroad Life!

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