UNSW: Interview Taken By SAL- Prof DR Vaughan Rees – Associate Dean International & Engagement, UNSW Art & Design.

[Interview] Recenlty Study Abroad life Interview Prof DR Vaughan Rees – Associate Dean International & Engagement, UNSW Art & Design.

UNSW: Interview Taken By SAL


1) UNSW Art & Design

At UNSW Art and Design we offer four unique Honors programs, that each gives the chance to bring together and extend your undergraduate studies. Fine Arts Honors, Media Arts Honors, and Design Honors are hands-on and studio-based. Art Theory Honors empowers students to grow and develop their knowledge and understanding of art theory and scope of related fields.

The Bachelor of Art Theory (Honors) is a one-year advanced undergraduate degree for high-accomplishing students. It might be embraced after completion of an undergraduate pass degree in art history, art theory or equal. The degree empowers students to grow and extend their knowledge and understanding of art theory, and to create analytical, critical thinking and research skills through undertaking significant autonomous research thesis. The degree might be a pathway to an MPhil or PhD.

Candidates are required to have finished (or to be qualified to finish) a Bachelor of Art Theory or a different bachelor’s degree in art history, art theory, visual culture, cultural studies, or related fields. Candidates might be graduates both of UNSW or another perceived institution.


Graduates build up a deeper understanding of the practice and research in art theory, giving pathways to higher-degree research programs at the Masters or Ph.D. Level and an array of careers in human expressions and social sectors.

Our graduates are exceptionally looking for after for a scope of careers as thinkers, curators, makers, publishers, pioneers, policymakers, and future pioneers.

Graduates discover work in areas including:

  • Arts and cultural management, policy-making and administration
  • Art and design criticism, communications and journalism
  • Galleries, libraries, archives, museums
  • Creative direction, planning, and production
  • Curatorship, celebration, occasion and museum management
  • Cultural and creative research and scholarship
  • Media industries, publishing, and distribution
  • Public programming and engagement
  • Entrepreneurship, strategy, creative consultancy, and new businesses


The Media Arts (Honors) program is a one-year advanced undergraduate degree for high achieving students who have finished an undergraduate degree in Media Arts (or related region).

2)How UNSW is different from others?

As a UNSW Medicine student, you will join a network of leading educators, scientists, and clinicians who are making an interpretation of discoveries into breakthrough cures, treatments, and treatment techniques and transforming high achieving students into caring healthcare experts with internationally perceived qualifications. What’s more, UNSW Medicine offers the following one of a kind program highlights:

UNSW Medicine students are shown clinically skills in an art Clinical Skills Center supported by high devotion technology from the primary year. Practical experience so early in the program is a remarkable component of UNSW Medicine and expects students to work in offices that duplicate genuine clinical settings and with volunteer recreated patients.

The Faculty’s training partner is world-class and noted for its innovation and use of mixed learning. Numerous academics and teachers are perceived universally as leaders in their field. Many have won teaching grants, the lead research into medical education and distribute in the  highest-ranked medical education diaries and all have solid links with the country’s best emergency clinics, look into centers and institutes. UNSW Medical Education Research Group (MERG) likewise undertakes various research projects planned for improving teaching and learning in medicinal training close by advancing theories and information in the field.

3)What about faculty?

UNSW Arts and Social Sciences have academics, scientists, and students who meet up to trade information and grow new thoughts. Our academics are globally perceived and leaders in their fields, making new information and new types of understanding. UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is probably the biggest personnel of its sort in Australia, boasting more than 57,000 graduated class. Positioned above world guidelines to look into excellence, we are known for our high-quality academic inquiry and commitment to information bases over the broadness of Arts and Social Sciences fields.

UNSW and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are reputed academically on a worldwide scale. We sit among a portion of the world’s top universities for greatness in research, learning results and education. Year on year we keep on ascending in world wide rankings.

Benchmarked with the most elevated worldwide rating of 5 by Excellence Research in Australia (ERA), the staff’s examination is among the best on the planet.

The Faculty Advisory Council individuals are welcomed for their leadership and ability in areas of relevance to crafted by the Faculty, the council meets three times each year.

4) Cost effect of UNSW?

You will require in any event A$23,000 per year as a worldwide student. Furthermore, we suggest that you have at any rate A$3,000 when you land to take care of the initial expenses of books, rental bonds, and furniture. These evaluations do exclude enormous family unit things, for example, a refrigerator or vehicle.

Living costs are indicative just and will fluctuate depending on the area, number of people you live with, the state of the housing and your way of life. On-campus college costs will shift contingent upon the sort of accommodation and the providing food advertised. This is calculated on a 37-week academic year. There is a 10-week summer break from December to February, so if you remain in Australia throughout the break, you have to calculate for an additional 10 weeks of living costs.

5) Course Module?

Graduate Degree

With an unrivaled range of creative degree alternatives and an extraordinary record for delivering widely praised artists, fashioners, and media makers, UNSW Art and Design will launch your career in whichever field you pick.


UNSW Art and Design likewise offers an extensive suite of career improving double degree choices. These programs enable you to join your creative degree with one in business, advertising, expressions, education, law or science. Double degrees offer important integral arrangements of skills that can open more doors and make more openings.


UNSW Art and Design are perceived by the Australian Research Council as the top innovative faculty in the nation and is positioned extraordinary compared to others around the world.

Our Postgraduate Coursework Degrees are designed for the individuals who as of now hold a Bachelor’s degree and are looking for a Master’s level certificate that will situate them as a leader in their general area.

With our system of University and student drove exhibitions, the public and the student started performances, screenings and lecture programs, the UNSW Art and Design campus is an exciting and stimulating region alive with social and social activity.

6) Job scope after the study?

Employers anticipate that graduates should have strong analytical and critical thinking skills, which are vital in numerous industries.

Social event data, analyzing it, speaking with others, using logic and creative mind and working well in a group is altogether skills that help solve issues.

Work experience not just improves your future employability by building your skills, but in addition gives you an insight into the Australian working environment culture.

As a worldwide student, you are permitted to work as long as 40 hours for each fortnight (visit Department of Home Affairs for the most cutting-edge data on under study visa work rights).

UNSW students can access a huge number of full-time and part-time jobs With all your skills set up, it’s important that you do your research about potential jobs and furthermore deals with your expectations – you may need to begin at a lower level and work your way up in your chosen profession.

Consider if you wish to apply for graduate programs in Australian organizations – which are exceptionally aggressive – or if your profession way would profit by beginning at a little to medium-sized business where you can regularly be given greater responsibilities a lot faster.

UNSW can assist you with making the best initial step because of our unique International Students Careers Week, in addition to customary Careers and Employment Expos.




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