Polytechnic courses give completely different career prospects to students in several sectors. Most firms within the field of physics, Automobile, and applied science, PC engineer etc prefers diploma holders in various specializations. Check the list of the best career choices once technical Colleges.

Polytechnic additionally referred to as a diploma in Engineering, could be a skilled course that provides sensitive information within the field of Technical Education instead of theoretical. Many students pursue a technical course, once finishing tenth or twelfth to pursue their career within the field of Engineering. While several say that the technical course provides solely basic information of a particular field that is why it’s needed to travel for teaching once, some say it’s a wise option to opt for employment once finishing technical course.  Therefore, what’s the simplest career choice to opt for once polytechnic? During this article, we’ll quote the simplest career choices once the technical program together with the scope, job choices, higher degree choices, best colleges, etc.

Can I do a bachelor’s degree in the UK after completing a diploma in India?

Well, affirmative you’ll study within the kingdom when finishing a certification program in the UK. You’ll notice a course of your interest. You’ll be able to} value higher to begin your study; either from the primary year otherwise, you can look out for a few indefinite-quantity courses. There are unified annual or biennial indefinite-quantity courses on the market within the kingdom that you’ll defy the highest of your certification program. It’s the shortest thanks to complete your bachelor’s within the kingdom.

All you have got to check this annual course within the kingdom and you may be finished your bachelors. Admission into an indefinite quantity is subject to the course modules you study; if this matches with the course of interest. You also have to be compelled to write a powerful statement of purpose to convert the course director. One the highest it, you may even be needed to jot down IELTS and you wish around half-dozen. 0 bands in IELTS to urge admission into this course.

top engineering colleges in uk

Best Here are the best global universities for engineering in the United Kingdom

  • Imperial College London.
  • The University of Cambridge.
  • The University of Manchester.
  • The University of Nottingham.
  • The University of Oxford.
  • University College London.
  • The University of Southampton.
  • Brunel University.


Tech in the UK, also popularly known as Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), is a standard 3-year engineering degree. An overseas student planning to study in the UK has to spend an average of £30,000 on their BTech in UK. For an Indian student, the tuition fee for pursuing BEng courses in the UK can range from 30-35 LPA.

Which Option to Choose?

The choice among the two options depends completely on the preferences of the individual. Both of the options serve as a right choice after Polytechnic. While going for higher studies will help the students gain advanced knowledge in the field, going for a job will help the students gain experience and a hands-on approach.

  1. Going for Diploma course: the primary possibility is to travel for diploma course once finishing engineering school. This may facilitate the scholars to gain additional advanced data within the field that, further, can open additional career opportunities for the scholars.

Best Diploma Courses to try to in 2021


  • Post Graduate diploma in edifice Management.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in computer code Engineering.
  • Diploma in Food and Food Services Management.
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management.
  • Diploma in Graphic planning.
  •  Diploma in Digital Selling

2. Going for a Job: If the scholar doesn’t need to travel for any diploma course, he/she may go directly for job accomplishment in either personal or government sectors. This may facilitate the scholars to achieve expertise within the field and find promoted anon the idea of their experience.

Engineering Colleges in the UK: Scope and Jobs

Almost 62% of students finishing an engineering degree in the UK get a job within 6 months of graduating implying that the course is worthwhile in terms of career prospects. Although, in the past years, engineering roles such as electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil, and product engineers are seen to be listed on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL). Such shortages are being met by recruiting international graduates to open a variety of jobs for international students in the  UK.

With the opportunity of studying in world-class universities and getting a spectacular array of job opportunities, the United Kingdom is the best choice for any international student planning to study engineering abroad.

Engineering Colleges in the UK: Graduate Certificate Courses

Additionally, there should be some universities that offer postgraduate certification and certificate courses.

  • University of Strathclyde – This University offers a nine months full-time PG certification program in Advanced applied science.
  • Swansea University – This University offers a 1-year full-time PG certification course in PC Modelling and Finite parts in Engineering Mechanics.
  • Be Queen’s University capital – This University offers a 1-year full-time Pg certification course in Environmental Engineering.

 Engineering faculties in the UK: Scholarships Offered

Studying in kingdom universities would possibly create a giant hole in your pocket. However, the 2 hundredth international student population, finding out within the country, is given some variety of resources within the style scholarships, student loans soon.

UK Scholarships for International Students

Do you need to review within the kingdom for free? Land Government and kingdom Universities offer an outsized range of scholarships for international students UN agency need to review in the UK. To assist you, there’s a listing for international students.

UK Government Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships

Scotland Saltire Scholarships

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

UK University Scholarships

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK)

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

Eligibility and criteria:

You will need:

  • An up-to-date passport.
  • An English language proficiency qualification.
  • Proof of how you will be funding your studies.
  • A Tuberculosis test (certain countries)
  • And possibly more.

Cost of living in the UK: According to the data comparison website Expatiation, the average UK cost of living is: £2,249 per month for a single person; and. £3,803 per month for a family of four.

UK Visa Requirements:

Required documents for a GB visa. For each GB visa, there is a unit-specific needed document. In line with the visa sort you’re applying for, you would like to gather these documents. Then you would like to submit them on the day of your interview.

Make sure the specified documents for the United Kingdom visa you’re applying for, go with the standards set by the United Kingdom central office.

You should submit the following documents to apply for a UK visa:


  • UK visa application form.
  • Two photographs.
  • Your Valid Passport.
  • Proof you have the financial means to cover the living costs while in the UK.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Detailed travel itinerary.
  • Tuberculosis Test Results.
  • Biometric information.
  • UK visa invitation letter. (If applicable).
  • Paid UK visa fees.

Additional necessities per Your Employment standing

You will get to submit additional documents per your operating standing, as follows:

If you’re employed: A letter from your leader. This letter ought to ensure your position at work, your remuneration and therefore the length of employment.

If you’re self-employed: Business registration documents. They ought to ensure the business owner’s name and therefore the date the business started mercantilism.

If you’re a student: A letter from your education supplier. The letter ought to be confirming your incoming and leave of absence.

The Diploma in Engineering or Diploma in Technical Education from India

India and in the UK

 In India, the certification in engineering could be a 3-year course awarded in an exceedingly specific branch of engineering e.g. Chemical engineering, technology, engineering, EE, etc, however, within the UK; certification will consult with many different kinds of qualifications. Certification is often a qualification value of thirty-seven or additional credits on the Regulated Qualifications Framework, e.g. Entry Level certification, Level three certification. It’s sometimes offered in technical school institutes recognized by the individual State Boards of Technical Education (e.g. State Board of Technical Education) and recognized by the State Departments/Directorates of Technical Educations and every one Asian nation Council for Technical Education. The certification of upper Education could be an instruction award below the quality of a degree, at an identical level as a Foundation Degree.

In India, certification holders are typically referred to as junior engineers in India. They will sit for the examination of Associate Member of the establishment of Engineers (AMIE) membership and become a member of the Indian establishment of commercial Engineering (IIIE). Certification holders will enter for advanced certification programs in focused job sectors at intervals their space of study, however, in Great Britain, the certification of upper Education could be an instruction award below the quality of a degree, at an identical level as a Foundation Degree. The upper National certification could be an occupation qualification at an identical level. A Graduate certification could be an annual qualification at the degree level, ordinarily taken by people who have already obtained a degree. A Postgraduate certification is a bequest at the extent of an academic degree, however, ordinarily taking less time to complete.

The document certifying the award of a degree is often referred to as a degree certificate within the Great Britain, and details are written in English, not in Latin


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