Top countries paying high salaries to MBA Graduates

Top countries for High Pay MBA SalaryIn India MBA employee’s average salary ranges from 25k to 45k. If you are MBA graduate from any top raked MBA college you will get a salary from 25 to 50k per month in India. Salary growth depends on your experience and working. Passionate and Experienced MBA’s salary range is 50k to 1lakh per month. If you are looking for more salary options then you can relocate to any abroad country to get a good salary per month. Here is a list of top 10 countries provides good salaries to Mba employees depends on their caliber and experience.

1. US: United States is among the top options where MBA get high salary packages. For Mba employees in the USA average compensation for MBA jobs are US$133,100 per annum. But in the USA main job profile is marketing.

2. Australia: Australia placed in the second position for giving good packages to Mba employees. The average annum package for Mba in Australia is US$129,100 per annum. Here you will mainly get banking related jobs or accounts related jobs.
3. Switzerland: For baking sector Switzerland is one of the famous destinations for students. If you want good baking career then you can search job in Switzerland. Here the average salary for MBA jobs is US$130,100 per annum

4. Denmark: Similar to the Switzerland, Denmark is also the hub of banking sector. Here average package for Mba employees is US$120,100 per annum.

5. United Kingdom: Businesses in the United Kingdom continue believe strongly in the value that MBAs bring. Accordingly, it stands fifth in the world for MBA average salary for MBAs in UK is US$106,100 per annum.

6. France: In recent years France becomes the major hub of Industries. France offers an average salary and bonus of US$100,800 per annum to their MBA employees.

7. Germany: Germany hires employees from Asian countries like India. Their salary range for MBA Employees is little lower than expected. But still they belong from the top ten countries for Mba employees according to the annual Packages. In Germany average packages for Mba’s US$98,100 per annum.

8. Spain: Average MBA salary in Spain is about US$87,900 onwards.

9. Canada: Canada is on Ninth place for Mba employee’s average salary range. Average annum package is less than US$80,900 for one year.

10. Dubai: living cost of Dubai is less a compared to the other countries. Here average salary for Mba employees is US$75,900 per annum.

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