Tips for Cracking TOEFL Exam

Tips for Cracking TOEFL


There are a few techniques that can help the individual to improve listening:-

  • Make notes of the information you hear which will help you to reach the answer easily.
  • Understand the theme and tone of the speaker
  • Make a habit of watching movies, news, songs to get used to the pronunciation and accent.


  • Try practicing on keyboard for improving the speed
  • Learn more of the  vocabulary
  • Try to organize the essay well and maintain the flow of the theme
  • Grammar , cohesion and sequence is important


  • Practicing Vocabulary
  • Intonation
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Lexical Enrichment


  • Develop more reading habits
  • Understanding the nuances
  • Analysis of the text given

Few General Tips for cracking TOEFL

  • Once you have made a decision of appearing for TOEFL you will have to start working on it immediately without wasting time.
  • The more you focus on practicing the more you will get confident.
  • Make sure you give reasonable time for the preparation at the time given now will give the result then.
  • Strong knowledge of English Language is important before appearing for the exam as it will help you in getting higher scores and best results.
  • Develop a study plan and execute it on a regular basis as learning anything just before the exam will not work.
  • Try to watch more of English movies and series, which make the pronunciations clear. Also reading is one of the most helpful methods which will help in improving the fluency and English proficiency.
  • Try to work on the vocabulary because you will need it at every step in TOEFL as you have to be very clear in the usage of words and add more and more words in your word list.
  • Take care about the instructions provided in the exam as there is very important information in the instructions.
  • Time management is also a very important aspect which you should work on.
  • Taking proper coaching will be a great help as they are the experts who can guide you in the best way and also practice is the key of success in TOEFL so the coaching classes take care about the practice on a regular basis and also with different types of exercises. Regular practice will boost the confidence in you and will help in managing the time as well because it is a very important factor.
  • Be sure about the training that you are taking of the particular exam as it plays an important role and you have to manage the accuracy and timings both.
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