Things you should know about fake University degree

There’s a lot of buzz today regarding acquiring a university degree online. It’s a cheaper, stress-free, and quicker way to get a degree. The best thing about getting a degree online is the possibility of buying one. This eliminates the need to spend countless hours commuting to campus and attending lectures. Regardless of the invaluable benefits of an online degree, you have to be aware of a possibility to end up with bogus qualification. To avoid this, here are telltale signs to tell a fake university degree.

Things you should know about fake University degree

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Old school certificate design

Does the certificate have the ornate Gothic font? Fraudsters understand that such font denotes prestige and tradition and usually use it on the fake certificate. A genuine certificate doesn’t use this typographical representation. Keep in mind that some fake degrees might come with high resemblance to an actual degree. It pays to check that your degree doesn’t have features like Canterbury University calligraphy.

Latin language of the certificate

Apart from florid appearance, you can also tell a fake certificate from pompous and ponderous prose. Be suspicious when an agency issues certificates with this cod-medieval lingo. Additionally, look out for degree certificates with Latin terminology. Universities in the UK have not been issuing degrees in Latin for more than 10 years.

Lack of supporting documents

Top UK universities take security measures to protect the integrity of their academic documents. Keep in mind that fraudsters are always doing whatever possible to create own versions of seals, crests, and holograms. However, to buy accredited degree online comes with supporting documents, including graduation letter, acceptance letter, reference letter, and appreciation letter. These support documents are enough to show that you’re getting a degree recognizable and verifiable everywhere.

Unclear university location

Despite acquiring the degree online, the issuing body should have a physical address. The issuing university should have a physical address and contact information. Additionally, the university should include their postal code on the certificate. You should put the postcode in StreetView check the actual location of the organization. A genuine degree is usually acquired from an ivy-clad multi-windowed complex. You also have to check for any inconsistencies and insufficiencies in the address to tell the authenticity of where your degree certificate comes from.

Poor word order and typos

A university is a collection of knowledgeable people. So, there’s no excuse to have inconsistencies or other errors in any of their documents. Do you notice a typo on the certificate or on their website? It’s significant enough to tell that that degree isn’t genuine. Reputable educational organizations understand the importance of maintaining their reputation and take care to ensure that all related materials are free from errors.

Bottom line

A university degree is a get way to a dream job, increases chances of promotion, makes job switch easier, and enhances job market competitiveness. The most convenient and cheapest option to acquire a degree is to buy one online. However, the degree should come from an accredited body, free from poor design, and with a clear physical location.


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